DreamMaker Challenge Day 2- Where are you now?

Hello Lovelies,

So yesterday during the video I kind of fibbed. I said we were focusing on SMARTER goals… that will happen tomorrow. Because before we can set goals, we need to have a realistic view of where we are now. The key to developing a baseline is determining what information matters.

Taking Stock

The best way to determine what matters is to go back to your vision. (Told you this was super important!) It doesn’t matter that you’re single if your dream life didn’t include being with the man of your dreams. It does matter if your social media and networking is under 1,000 if you want to sell enough books to make a living.

The idea is that we are getting our starting and ending positions. In orienteering, these two points are called our control points and from them, we can chart a course to help us achieve our dreams.

Examples from my Own Dreams and Goals

For example, one of the goals that I just achieved is buying my dream home. When my husband and I sat down to take stock as we set the dream as a focus, we had to look at our baseline. We had an obscene amount of debts (primarily medical and student loans) and our credit scores were in the toilet. We knew it was going to take a lot of work paying off/ up those debts and getting some credit lines to build our scores. It took us three years to achieve that. This year when we took stock we were delighted to realize that we could realistically achieve our goal this year, we simply needed to put together the down payment and find the right place.

Another example, one of my dream goals is to be a prolific author. This year one of the goals I did not complete was rebuilding my backlist after my publisher went under. My baseline is that I have 11 unpublished books and 3 published but outdated books. Getting my backlist updated is a key focus for this year’s goals. I’ve really struggled with fiction writing as I’ve felt creatively stuck so I’m hoping getting my books republished will help me get unstuck.

Write it Down

Go through each element of your dream life. Where are you right now from where you want and need to be to achieve that dream life?

Be sure to write it all down.

Want a worksheet to help you track?

Here you go:

Got any questions? Need help finding out what to measure? Let us know your questions in the comment below.

Until next time,

Keep Growing!

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