DreamMaker Challenge Day 6- Become a Goal Tracking Expert

Hello Lovelies,

I am a little sad. This adventure is almost over. But we have learned some amazing things: How to establish our vision and our baseline, learned how to tackle SMARTER goals, committed our Annual Resolutions, and developed a 90 Day Year strategy. Our next step to success is to become a goal tracking expert!

What is a Goal Tracking Expert?


I mean, yeah, the Mandalorians, and any bounty hunters, generally are, but that’s not quite what I’m talking about here. It is almost as geekily fun, though! A tracking expert is one who is adept at reading signs to choose the path forward. And that is what we will be doing too.

Depending on your goals, you may do weekly tracking, or you may do daily, or a combination of the two. For example, I track my food and workouts daily, but then analyze those results weekly with a weigh-in and measuring session. Taking the information from my weekly session, I adapt and adjust my plan accordingly to stay on track.

Where and How do I Track my Goals?

This will be tricky and solely based on your goals and your budget. but I will give you some examples of where I track and how I track.

For my first goal, focusing on LitCon, I will have a tracking sheet in the LitCon sight. The tracking sheet will have the list of volunteers, the lists of tasks and assignments to track. I will keep weekly notes from our meetings to make sure we’re staying on task. This tracking is probably the most strenuous because it is all manual and also biased data. But that is better than not tracking at all

For the rest of my goals, I will track them in my personal tracker.

How to track will also be dependent on the goal. For example, with my audience growth, I already have a tracking group set up that I check a different platform each week and track the data from the site then I add up all those site followers to get my total followers.

For my fitness goals, My daily tracking happens via myfitnesspal syncing with my Fitbit. My weekly goals, I also track in myfitnesspal. So on my tracker, I will simply check that I did track and of there were any wins to note.

For some of my goals, (like the family time and the pet goals) it is just a personal check-in. Did I do this? Yes or no. If no, why not? Do I feel like this is getting me results? Yes or no. If no, why not?

When I get to tracking my wordcount goals, I will keep a daily tracker. I debated getting one of those word count goal trackers, but they would basically require me to do the same thing (track everything I write every day across multiple projects and enter it in one tracking spot.) so I’m opting to go with my tracker sheet and totaling it weekly. If I find this isn’t keeping me inspired, then I can re-evaluate.

Wrap Up

Take some time to plug your goals and how you will be tracking them into your very own tracker.

Are you ready for tomorrow? I can’t believe our last day is almost upon us.

If you have any questions, or if you need additional support, please let us know in the comments below and we will respond. We are all in this together!

Until next time,

Keep Growing!