DreamMaker Challenge Day 7- Resolution Community

Hello Lovelies, 

Congratulations, we have finished the DreamMAker2021 challenge. You’ve learned how to establish our vision. and our baseline , learned how to tackle SMARTER goals, committed our Annual Resolutions, set our 90 day year, and learned how to be an expert tracker.  Now we simply need to stay motivated. 

We’ve discussed tools to help us stay motivated throughout, but I want to give you a quick recap of tips to stay motivated.

Keep it Front and Center

From having your vision in a place you look at every day to posting your goals, big and small, in a place you traffic every day this helps you keep it front and center. The reality is that life will always be throwing us curveballs, big and small. There are so many distractions, good and bad, to draw our attention away. Sometimes our attention does need to go to something else. For example, my husband’s surgery was a major curveball. It has thrown a lot off course for us. We had to work really hard to get all the paperwork in for our home while dealing with his needs after surgery, and doing this challenge. We could have set the house hunt aside for a bit (and we talked about it a lot.) but that goal was front and center. We didn’t seriously think we would find the one during that time. We weren’t looking as hard as we’d been looking the months previously. 

We did have to put aside some of our other goals to make these things happen. But they are there, looking at me every day and reminding me to get back to them. 

That is exactly how I managed to hit 5 of my 7 goals last year. Because when everyone was working from home, our schedule got thrown off. Once I got everyone on schedule, there were my goals reminding me that they mattered. When my sister needed help moving, I set my goals aside for a week to help. When I got back, they were there reminding me to work on them. When I was getting inundated with overtime for a contract some got set aside, but you know what I’m about to say, right? 

Evaluate Regularly

I have a weekly evaluation that just looks at how I am doing week to week and helps me keep on task. Then I have a quarterly review. The last week of March I sit down and look at where I’ve come since Jan 1. Am I on track, ahead, behind? Then I set Q2 goals to make sure I am working aggressively towards those goals and set to achieve or exceed. Rinse and repeat.

In December I do a month-long evaluation of the whole year (That’s what this challenge was based on. Me giving you the same tools I use to do my own planning.) and of my long-term goals and determine if I need to make new resolutions to service getting me closer to my dreams, if I need to adjust the resolutions I’ve made, or if I need to continue building as I have done. This process has served me very well for over 5 years. The years I put this in place I always achieve so much more than the few times I have not done it.


There you have it. Suddenly, New Year’s Resolutions (and most importantly, achieving them) doesn’t seem so scary or overwhelming, does it?

Now, who’s ready to achieve your goals?

Accountability Partner

Having an accountability partner is a huge deal, and so I am offering this opportunity in my Patreon Community. If you would like to join Resolutions Community, sign up at the $5 level and leave your goals, wins, or points you’re struggling within the comments under the weekly post. We will work together to help one another brainstorm and build each other up as we all reach for our goals. 

Congratulations, you’ve finished this intense seven-day goal busting challenge. Feel free to share this with others you think may benefit from it. I will keep the posts up until January 1.

Until next time,

Keep Writing!