The 90 Day Year and Revolutionizing Goal Setting

The 90 Day Year and Revolutionizing Goal Setting

Hello Lovelies,

Happy New Year! Did you sit down and write out goals this year? It seems like the trend last year of not doing New Year’s resolutions, or at least not sharing them, continues this year. I get it, I truly do. After all, most people “fail” at their resolutions by February.

But does that mean we should quit doing them? Or should we, perhaps, find a better way of doing them? Me, an overachiever, says we should find a better way. And I did that three years ago when I found Todd Herrman’s 90 Day Year. Full confession, I am a poor writer, so I took the free seminars that introduce the concept, and then built my own plan focused specifically on writing.

Since then, I have used it for almost all of my planning. It is amazing! The idea is to plan your year in 90-day cycles and pick no more than three to five things to focus on during that cycle. Why? Well, three is a magical number. If your focus gets too divided chasing all the things, then none of the things get done. I combine this strategy with setting New Year’s resolutions to help me achieve my goals. So let me show you how that looks for me.


If you’ve never seen this, I don’t really remember when I first learned it, (I think my brother-in-law McKay taught me this when we planned our New Year’s Resolutions back when I was in middle school, but don’t quote me on that.) but it’s something that is taught by most business managers since the 1980’s. So, there you go.

I also follow Michael Hyatt’s advice of not setting more than 5-7 goals.(Again, that divided focus thing.)  I also remember reading somewhere, that it’s important to make your goals known. If you share them, it creates accountability or something? Yeah

Now that I have my annual goals set, I will look at those to plan my 90-day goals. My 90-day goals should focus on serving my annual goals.

Work Towards your Goal Every Day

You have to work on it every day! How do I keep these goals front and center? I print them up and stick them on my wall in front of my desk. Every day, when I sit down to work, I look at those goals. I plan my workday around them. If something does not serve those goals, it gets bumped down on my priority list. If it serves those goals, it goes to the top of my priority list.

Evaluate Regularly

I have a weekly evaluation that just looks at how I am doing week to week and helps me keep on task. Then I have a quarterly review. The last week of March I sit down and look at where I’ve come since Jan 1. Am I on track, ahead, behind? Then I set Q2 goals to make sure I am working aggressively towards those goals and set to achieve or exceed. Rinse and repeat.

In December I do a month-long evaluation of the whole year and of my long-term goals and determine if I need to make new resolutions to service gettting me closer to my dreams, if I need to adjust the resolutions I’ve made, or if I need to continue building as I have done. This process has served me very well for over 5 years. The years I put this in place I always achieve so much more than the few times I have not done it.

There you have it. Suddenly, New Year’s Resolutions (and most importantly, achieving them) doesn’t seem so scary or overwhelming, does it?

Now, who’s ready to set some goals?

Having an accountability partner is a huge deal, and so I am offering this opportunity in my Patreon Community. If you would like to join Resolutions Community, sign up at the $5 level and leave your goals in the comments under the weekly post. We will be sure to add you to the discord group where we will have weekly support, as well as doing our quarterly check-ins together. This business does not have to be lonely. Hope you join us!

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Keep Writing!