Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to An Angells’ Life. For 9 years this site was An Angell’s Life of Bookish Goodness. It was focused on my love of reading and writing.

While I will still continue to share my love of reading and writing, I have also expanded my interests in the blogging world. For a long time, I shared that information on other platforms and groups because I didn’t want to dilute my audience. But you know what, I have categories now so everything is going here.

You will still find a lot of the traditional posts such as meet the author, character spotlights, and of course book reviews.

But you will also find articles about marketing tech that I am using and love. This will mainly be targeted at authors and small business owners.

I have also gotten into cooking so I’m going to have recipes and #foodporn.

I have been very focused on health and fitness, so I will often have posts about that.

My husband and I have also started reviewing products beyond books, so there will be reviews on those items. Everything from fitness to entertainment, tech hardware to software, kitchen tools to garden tools, and occasionally clothes and beauty products. Whatever strikes our fancy.

But don’t worry, you can select the content you want to see by signing up for my newsletter and selecting the newsletter groups you want to be part of. You can change that any time.

You can also cull through the posts you want to see by using the categories on the right to find exactly what you want or need.

I do not use stars to review. I review based on my experience and I try to address the good and the bad on any products I review, then I leave it up to you if you feel it will be beneficial to you. Please note that if you find a link to a product on the site, it is an affiliate link. I will note in the review if I got the product for free for review or if I bought it to review. Please know that whether I paid for it, or got it free for review, my thoughts and opinions on this blog are exactly that. Doesn’t matter if the affiliate payment is big or not, if I do not like things about a product then I will say so. If there are issues I had with a product, I will say so.

If I think it is the most amazing product ever and that people who have XYZ interest/ problem/ need should have it, then I will say so. Whether I am getting 2¢ or $100 in affiliate payments.

If you have a product that you would like me or my husband to review, please feel free to contact us