Proofreading is the final edit of your book.

This is after you have had it developmentally edited, line edited, and formatted for e-book and paperback.

The goal of the proofreader is to catch any last errors in any of those elements.

This is why I will only do a proofread on the format you wish to have proofread.

What I proofread

  • KDP
  • EPUB
  • Paperback
  • Hardback

How do I track cite-proofing issues?

For the e-book, I will create a list of issues and cite the chapter, paragraph, sentence, and then explain the issue.

For example CH 5, Pgh 22, Sentence 3 there is an extra space between Marth said

For paperback/ hardback, you have the option of my providing the edits in red directly on the proof or I can create a similar format as above. However, I do require having the print copy and will not provide a proof from the PDF. Trust me, it is worth the expense, I catch so much more seeing it as it is intended.

I do not provide free sample proofreads, however, if I find too many errors I will return the proof with a recommendation for either developmental, line-editing, or formatting re-work.

My charge for proofing is between .01 and .03 per word. To get a quote, please fill out this form with the following information:

  • word count
  • genre
  • format(s) (Yes, I will discount for multiple format projects) If you are asking for paperback/ hardback, please send the PDF.
  • Edits already done/ by whom
  • turnaround time.

I will get a quote back to you within 1 week. If you accept the quote, then you can send the physical copy.

*Please note that you will be responsible for shipping costs as well. If you prefer notes made directly on the copy, you will also be billed for the cost to return the copy to you.