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Poetry Corner- Darling

Poetry Corner- Darling

I love you so much

and need you so badly.

The world would end

if we couldn’t be together. 

When your lips brush my ear,

to tell me you love me

and your hot breath lingers

on my neck. I can’t begin to explain

how much I need you

to hold me forever. 

When your hands hold me

in their commanding grasp

and our bodies are so close

I can feel your heartbeat

in rhythm with mine. 

When the love songs play

and you whisper the words

into my hair

and etch them like gold

on my heart. 

Your fingers pressed

into the small of my back

holding me close for a kiss. Waiting for our breath to mingle

our souls to touch. 

When we lie next to one another

and talk, never touching

and yet always touching.

Touching each other’s hearts,

minds, souls, dreams. 

I live to be a part of you, 

I know this now. 

I’ve lived only to meet you. 

You make my broken soul

finally feel whole. 

J’tedore mon ami, me dome.

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Poetry Corner- Somewhere

Poetry Corner- Somewhere

Somewhere, so far away

There is a place where

The two of us may love;

But not here, not now. 

Not here in this place full of hate.

​In this world full of lustful desires

Full of sin, impurity, evil, contempt,

Abuse, adultery, sexual pleasures. 

Not now in this time

Of lies, of spite, of mockery

To those things cherished. 

Somewhere there is a place

Where we can love without

Concern of age, race, creed, color.

Where we don’t have to worry about what others think. 

Where popularity, money, and such

Won’t stand in our way. 

Where we’re allowed to be who we are,

See who we are,

Feel who we are,

And nothing will matter but us. 

Somewhere there is a place. 

But it isn’t here,

it isn’t now. 

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Poetry Corner- Rob and Stardom

Rob and Stardom

Robin said he

listened to punk rock

and played

the drums in a band.

He drove a Saab

when only losers


And he had a lover

named Melissa.

Melissa was a…

Never mind. She followed

their band everywhere. 

Rob loved me too, once

upon a time

but then

Melissa captured

his attention and

he lusted.

Rob is now alone

in his stardom

And I

am happy


Until next time, 
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Poetry Corner-Emptiness

Poetry Corner: Emptiness

I take another look at myself

​​in the mirror

to fix myself. Either prepare 

to melt in or stand out. 

In my own eyes I’m a fool

but my peers admire me.

I’m extremely smart

and outgoing, vivacious. 

Sparkling eyes of a happy woman.

Only I know how miserable I am.

Nothing about me seems real.

Nobody knows about me

my self-destruction.

Someday I may explode

the way a star does

when its existence

is spent.

Until next time, 

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Poetry Corner- Depression 2

Poetry Corner: Depression 2

Someone pull me out of this depression. 

​​Someone give me a pill to help lessen

this pain that’s filling me to overflowing. 

Someone hear my tears at night. 

Someone help me in my plight.

For I fear my life is slowly ebbing away. 

Can’t you see the pain I’m feeling? 

Can’t you help me stop from reeling? 

This cynical child that begs a belie.

Yet they keep on walking faster. 

Leaving me to turn to alabaster

a stone carving of a mournful cry. 

They think my life should all be happy

They think my love is always sappy. 

No one sees the true me. 

No one sees the true me.

They try to ignore my reality

and leave me to suffer alone. 

Someone take this pillow from my face

before I die and am found in a place

that we think of as worse, but

could only be better. 

Until next time, 

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Poetry Corner- Cold

Poetry Corner- Cold

It’s so cold outside

​​and I’m all alone

with no one here to

hold me. 

I see people every day

and they see me

drowning, suffocating.

They smile as they

push me away. 

Why can’t anyone see

the pain that I suffer?

I, the one who never


cry every day

but I don’t know why. 

No one hears my pain. 

No one sees my sorrow. 

Though I paint the canvas, 

no one can see

that the horrible thing

they’re seeing is me.