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The Colors We Render by Sam DeLoach

Book review: The Colors We Render

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So happy to share another delightful book review with you.


Poetry Collection/ Social commentary


Stories-in-poetry forged by the socially conscious poet. The Colors We Render is a collection of stories-in-poetry created by a great American poet, inviting the reader into the mind of the characters each poem represents. Meet Marcus, a kid from the wrong side of town, Tommy who suffers from abuse, the Girl sold into slavery, the Young Pupil, and many more. Climb aboard the ship. Let’s set sail, together, on a voyage full of adventures found in many port of calls.

My Take:

Alright, so total confession, I helped to produce this book, but it didn’t change the fact that I absolutely LOVED this poetry. Sam was also one of the poets involved in Ambrosia, which hit number 1 on Amazon. Sam’s poetry is… deep, and inspiring. Some of it (as seems to always be the case with poetry) is absolutely heart-rending. (Like his poem Mother. Dude, I bawled.) And others are really thought-provoking, like AKA Tommy Trigger. I think the thing that is so impressive about Sam’s poetry is that he has the very unique ability to climb into the skin of people who are so very different from him, and write from their pain and their world view in such a brilliant and thought-provoking way. 

Normally, poetry is very telling of the writer, it is deeply personal. In Sam’s collection, the only thing we know for certain is that he is very empathetic to other people’s struggles, joys, motivations. I am honored to know Sam pretty well, despite only working together for about 6 months now, but I could not tell you with any certainty which poems are “about him”. I can, with a fair amount of certainty, guess that the poem about the girl sold into sex slave trade by her parents probably is not about him, or that Trevor is probably not about him, But he tells these deeply personal stories in poems as if he were those people. It is truly beautiful. Also, I learned several new words reading his poetry, and you know that made this lexicomaniac very happy!

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Book Review- Ambrosia, A Poetry Anthology

Book Review: Ambrosia

Hello Lovelies, 
I am sharing this review as part of the Ambrosia Anthology Tour to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

 To see the rest of the tour stops, visit OWS INK’s website.
 Now, on to the review!

​​ Genre:



Delight in the nectar of the gods. Feed your mind with Ambrosia.

Whispers to the gods are like honey from a poet’s lips. When several poets raise their voices together, it’s a sacred feast of memories and dreams. Poetry is divine food for the soul, full of emotional and celestial feeling. Join us in our longing, our pain and passion, heartache, logic and insanity, fear, faith, confusion, hope, unity, solitude, daily life, political strife, and more.

From the creative minds of Eric Keizer, A.L. Mabry, Sam DeLoach, Alyssa Trivett, Mello Sakia, Stacy Overby, Phillip Matthew Roberts, Veronica Falletta and Stephanie Ayers.

My Take:  

Ok, full disclosure before I even start. I am heavily involved in this project and have been assisting with compiling the works and setting up the tour and arranging things with the charity with A.L. Mabry. (I didn’t write any of the poetry, though, so I feel comfortable in doing an honest review.) 

The poetry in this anthology is an eclectic mix from 9 very distinctive poets. There is a bit of love, a bit of pain, and a lot of tears. Oh, wait, that was my reaction reading it! 
But seriously, it was such an emotional roller coaster! Eric Keizer’s real, yet esoteric, poems dug into my soul. Alyssa Trivett brought to life the mundane world through a poet’s eyes. A.L. Mabry haunted my inner Angell with Broken Angel. Mello Sakia broke my heart with the loneliness echoed in those words. Phillip Mathew Roberts shocks with his raw words demonstrating the darker side of life and the struggle of the LGBTQ community. Sam DeLoach perfects the art of brevity while painting pictures so clear in my mind punching right to the pain. Stacy Overby really struck me with her deep and moving collection ranging from beautiful to haunting (Inner Demons and Exorcism, oh my gosh!) Stephanie Ayers captured me with I am Woman, and delighted me with Adran’s song and the mimicry of Jabberwocky. Veronica Falletta crushed me with The Falling (a memory of The Twin Towers) and His Smile Does Not Help. 
After reading through this collection in a day, the emotional roller coaster was BRUTAL (I highly do not recommend doing this!) I can completely understand why these amazing people chose to donate all of the royalties from this work to AFSP. They all have such deep raw feelings and so eloquently bring them out in the reader.  
If you love raw, deep, emotional poetry, then you definitely want to grab a copy of Ambrosia today, share some amazing poets and support a great cause! Then read S-L-O-W-L-Y. Savor the emotions, but don’t let them overwhelm you. 

Don’t forget to join the tour. There are some amazing stops planned including poet interviews, more reviews, a Poetry Panel, a Facebook Party and more.

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