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We’ve had a ton of fun meeting L.J. Kane and her cast of characters from Snatch Girl. We Met Ellie, and Darren. Today we get to meet Jon Braddon, the brutal and sadistic villain of the kidnap thriller/horror ‘Snatch Girl’ Let’s Welcome L.J. to tell us about this creepy character.
So, the post I didn’t want to write. A post about the savage villain of Snatch Girl, Jon Braddon, the guy who makes your skin crawl. If you’re going to be kidnapped, pray that it’s not by him…

​​ Jon Braddon is a deviant, a serial killer in the making, at the very start of his killing career. A man devoid of love and feelings, other than his own depraved desires. It took a lot out of me when writing Braddon’s scenes in Snatch Girl. I had to delve into his thoughts to understand why a man could be so brutal, savage, and so cold. It was hard putting Ellie into his lair, as I kept wanting her to be OK, to run and escape, but the story had to evolve in its own way, at its own pace, so Ellie had to suffer. And did I feel guilty!

Braddon is a man of a failed military career. Heavily built, muscular, with camouflage combats, military boots, and a psychopathic stare, a man who’s background is as dark as his soul. He’s a drug addict, so far gone that his persona is skewed to the point of deranged, and Ellie’s desperation turns to horror when she’s snatched from his lair by Darren Broderick, Braddon’s own getaway driver, and Braddon hunts them down. Even Darren doesn’t know what’s about to happen. Braddon’s obsession with knives, guns, and traps sets Ellie and Darren up for a terrifying ride, a man on the fringe of society hunting his own accomplice and the kidnap victim, with slaughter on his mind.

Can we blame his upbringing? His school life? Genetics? What turns a person into a psychopath – or are they born that way? Personally, I don’t want to delve much into his past, it was painful to bring him to life, and equally painful dragging poor Ellie through nightmare situation after situation but, surprisingly, the most horrible scenes were the easiest to write, they just flowed!

Can I write another psychological nightmare novel? Yeah, no worries!

L.J. Kane is the author of Snatch Girl, the shocking kidnap thriller/horror published in April 2017. Want to grab your copy? It’s available on Amazon. Want to learn more about L.J.’s writing? Visit her Website Want to get regular samples of what L.J? Follow her Blog 

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