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Welcome back, I know I’ve been very quiet this month. I was a bit snowed under with James struggling to get good sleep and the lack of it really wearing him down, and then my drive to pass my PMP on the 26th. Well, it is official, I now have my PMP!


It is a massive weight off my shoulders to finally have achieved that goal. And, after far too many trips to emergency rooms and hospitals, we’ve finally got James on a medication that will help him sleep so he is not so erratic. Still no answer to what is causing the ringing in his ears but we are not giving up.  The next month my primary focus is on job searching for project management work as  James will go down to long-term disability pay the end of this month and that is definitely not enough to sustain us.

As time allows, I will continue working on re-releasing my courses and my books but I have been a bit daunted by the lack of sign-ups for the last two challenges and the limited sales despite promoting and advertising my books. But as money is a top priority, finding a new job is the top focus so it will give me time to weigh my feelings on investing time and energy into re-releasing. Now, on to the IWSG question of the month!

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April 5 question – Do you remember writing your first book? What were your thoughts about a career path on writing? Where are you now and how is it working out for you? If you’re at the start of the journey, what are your goals?

I wrote and “published” my first book in 1st grade, and from that moment, I was hooked.  I knew that I would be a writer. I should’ve known then I would be an indie author, but I bought into the hype that anything less than trad published was not good enough. Fortunately, I learned better after a year with an agent and a half-dozen small press contract offers. I realized that I would rather swing big on my own than change my story for a press, small or otherwise.
13 books and 5 courses later, in the process of re-releasing everything again after a small press I partnered with went under, I have concluded that I love this work but I did not love working 80+ hour weeks to make a living. I am happy to keep working on my books and courses on the side, and have a fulfilling career as a project manager which will fund my advertising and promotion of my books and courses.
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  1. Congratulations on your PMP! That is huge!

    Thanks for sharing your writing story as well. I understand that from a different perspective as a musician who used to teach music. I’m so much happier being a musician on the side with a non-music day job that I ever was working myself ragged trying to get somewhere with music.

    Good luck on the job hunt!

    • Hangell531

      Thank you! It was a slough but totally worth it.

      And I was doing the music thing in college (voice and piano) but at least I had a professor to lay out my career options and workload so it made sense to me not to continue that as more than a passion hobby, lol.

    • Hangell531

      It really has been. But we cannot transform (my word of the year) without stress and pressure. I just have to remind myself when I get overwhelmed from all the pressure that I start reacting instead of acting that transformation can be for better or worse and my choices will decide which it is. We have a lot more transforming to do so I don’t expect the pressure to lift anytime soon. But as long as it is forward moving pressure and not reactive pressure then I will find a way to grin and bear it.

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