Genre: Dark Fantasy

Synopsis: Branimir is a slave to the mighty Highborn. Unwittingly, his masters forge a copper dagger capable of destroying the Ash Tree. Drawn along on the quest to remedy the mistake of his masters, Branimir becomes the most unlikely of heroes in an inimical world of magic and mayhem.

My take: Such a short description for such an awesome book! I am loving this series so far! I cannot wait to read the next book (alas, I must because there is an arc that needs reading 🙁 ) Branimir is the cutest darn character and I kind of adore him! Dorofej is this interesting blending of Yoda, Merlin, and your creepy senile grandfather! Two of the least likely heroes to ever cross your path, yet despite their seemingly incapacity, their moral compass guides the group to stopping an evil created by the seemingly good intentions of the Spearhead of Melkorka and his faithful sidekick Falmagon. 
The Svet are such a unique re-imagining of centaurs. The Vulcari are a creative take on shifters. The Bukavak are deliciously evil. And the Dyndaar Wood… Oh, I can’t give the story away! 
The author weaves a unique world that, while similar in style and fantastical elements to much you will find in fantasy, is delightfully original in terminology and implementation! I have fallen in love with the world he has so intricately woven. The world of Aenar seamlessly envelopes the reader in a fantastical clashing of good and evil, where even the most righteous can be led astray, the most powerful can crumble, and the most humble can save the day!

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Eager to read the next three books in this series! 

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