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Let’s welcome Joey Paul back to the blog!  In case you missed it, I did a Meet the Author with Joey recently.  Today she is doing an interview with her main character, Tara, from Dying thoughts. Without further ado, I turn the time over to Joey! 

So I thought I’d bring along my longest-standing character with me today. Tara Leverton is the protagonist from the Dying Thoughts series, and with her fifth book due out May 15th, it seemed like the perfect time to interview her. If I can get her to forgive me for writing about her life story that is.

*Tara glares as she sits*

So, Tara, tell us a little about yourself?
Well, like you said, I’m Tara, I’m sixteen and just about to sit my GCSEs, which y’know, I *should* be revising right now! There’s really not much to say about myself except for that little matter of my gift.

And what gift is that?
*deep sigh* I touch something that belonged to a dead person and I end up getting a vision of their last moments on earth. It’s kinda silly really when you think about it. I got it when my mum was killed. It turns out that it’s been in our family for generations. Mum’s gift activated when her nan died and then when Mum died, I got it too. Of course half the time I have no idea what it means or what I’m doing with it because Dad doesn’t know much and Mum, who would know, is well, dead.

​​I’m sorry for your loss. Didn’t I hear you work for the police?*glare* You know I do! I work with Mike…sorry DI Clifford. He knew my mother and she worked with him too, but when Kaolin almost got killed, he saw that I had the same gift and so he said I could help consult. I mean, we don’t advertise what I do, nor do we really discuss it. It feels like a lot of the reasons are bad ones and after what happened…*looks down at her feet* We just don’t advertise it.

Can you tell us a little about Kaolin? Sure! She’s my best friend. I guess you’ll figure it out eventually, but my dad was, kinda still is, famous. I had a lot of friends before Mum was killed, but after that, they stopped talking to me because Dad was out of the limelight. Mum died because of Dad’s stalker, and so he focused solely on raising me. It seems it wasn’t all that cool to be friends with someone whose Dad wasn’t rubbing elbows with celebs anymore. Anyway, I was pretty happy with that, but then I met Kaolin and we kinda clicked. Now it’s just me and her. There was another friend but…she died before we could really get to know each other that well. Kaolin knows about my gift, she knows about the work I do with Mike. So it’s easier to talk to her because I don’t have to hide stuff. It’s always good to have good friends. So, can you tell us a little about what happened? You mean in the book? I’m not sure I’m really wanting to talk about it yet. It’s still a little raw for me. 

That’s fine. What are your plans once school finishes? I didn’t actually have any, to be honest, not until a few weeks ago. I was gonna get out of school and then do nothing for two years while I waited to join the police force. Except, well Mike and I talked and it made sense to go to college and get some A-levels so I’m gonna do that now. I’m doing History, Sociology, and Law. I figure life’ll be different at college. No Jody, or if she’s there then I don’t have to actually see her all the time. And it made Dad happy. He’s more concerned with my education than what I want. Though right now he won’t say anything because of…the stuff that happened. Right now he’s more concerned that I’m broken.

How do you feel about what happened? I dunno. *shrug*. I guess I feel kinda numb about it all. I feel stupid for not realising sooner and I feel sore. Not just where I got hurt but inside. After what happened it made me realise that I can’t tell anyone about my gift. I can’t even let them have the tiniest inkling. I guess that will change at some point, maybe it won’t. I don’t think I’m broken though, I think I’m just…numb. Dad keeps saying that there’s no shame in therapy and he’s right, but I can’t tell them about my gift and that’s kinda a huge chunk of the story. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I have revision to do. *Tara stands up and leaves*So there you have it! A kinda interview with Tara Leverton.

If you wanna know what happened, you can check out the fifth book in the series Dying Thoughts – Fifth Secret


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