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​​Today we are meeting a lovely new author, Deanie Humphrys-Dunne. Deanie Humphrys-Dunne is an award-winning children’s author with six books published. My Life at Sweetbrier-A Life Changed by Horses, Charlie the Horse, Charlene the Star, Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes, and Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog.

All of her fictional books are beautifully illustrated by her sister, Holly Humphrys-Bajaj. Deanie’s true story, Tails of Sweetbrier, won the silver medal in the Feathered Quill Book Awards, a finalist in the CLIPPA, honorable mention in the Purple Dragonfly Awards, and the silver medal in the Reader’s Favorite Book Awards. Her new book, My Life at Sweetbrier-A Life Changed by Horses, won the gold medal in the New Apple Summer e-book awards, as well as the silver medal in the Reader’s Favorite contest. Deanie’s fictional stories are told by the animal characters. Note: Deanie’s first award-winning book, Tails of Sweetbrier, has been replaced by her new book: My Life at Sweetbrier-A Life Changed by Horses.

Deanie believes the message that perseverance is the key to accomplishing amazing things is one that can benefit every child. Through her inspiring, real life and fictional works, children will learn that anything is possible if they refuse to give up on their dreams. We can attain much more than we ever imagine by never quitting. Children will be reminded that tenacity is the key to success. They will see proof that obstacles can be overcome and that quitting only guarantees failure.

Deanie wants to be a positive influence to children. She loves to write entertaining stories that emphasize important values such as; never giving up, setting goals, and working together to realize great things. Her goal is to write books that build self-esteem and confidence in children. She works tirelessly to write books that would appeal to children and also teach them valuable lessons, presented in an engaging manner.

Deanie is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. She has been featured on several author websites including TheAuthorsShow.com, and blogtalkradio.com with authors JD Holiday and Annette Rochelle Aben. She has been honored with numerous blogging awards and nominations. Deanie was recently featured on WTNH.com/CT Style television program to discuss her books.

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The Interview

 What is the current book you are promoting?
The title of the book is My Life at SweetbrierSubtitle: A Life Changed by Horses On a cold day: coffee, tea, cocoa or something a bit stronger, and why? Coffee, no matter what kind of day it was. I don’t think my brain would function well without it. It’s common in my family. My mom didn’t like to converse before her coffee.😊
What inspired this book? My objective is to inspire children to reach for the stars. With this in mind, I thought my personal story would be a good way to reach that goal. It’s a story about beating the odds and realizing your dreams.

What is one great lesson you have learned as a writer? I’ve learned it’s important to revise and edit your work, even when you are fairly confident it’s ready for publication. In addition, ask beta readers and an editor to check it out. Sometimes it’s hard for authors to recognize their own mistakes.
What is your next project? My sister, Holly Humphrys-Bajaj, illustrates my fictional stories. We are working on our first picture book. It’s a cute, entertaining, story about a little tractor named Wilbur.
Want to learn more about Deanie’s books? Visit her website ChildrensBooksWithLifeLessons. Want to see what Deanie likes to read? Visit her on Goodreads. Want to keep up with her books? Follow her on Amazon
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