I love you so much

and need you so badly.

The world would end

if we couldn’t be together. 

When your lips brush my ear,

to tell me you love me

and your hot breath lingers

on my neck. I can’t begin to explain

how much I need you

to hold me forever. 

When your hands hold me

in their commanding grasp

and our bodies are so close

I can feel your heartbeat

in rhythm with mine. 

When the love songs play

and you whisper the words

into my hair

and etch them like gold

on my heart. 

Your fingers pressed

into the small of my back

holding me close for a kiss. Waiting for our breath to mingle

our souls to touch. 

When we lie next to one another

and talk, never touching

and yet always touching.

Touching each other’s hearts,

minds, souls, dreams. 

I live to be a part of you, 

I know this now. 

I’ve lived only to meet you. 

You make my broken soul

finally feel whole. 

J’tedore mon ami, me dome.