Someone pull me out of this depression. 

​​Someone give me a pill to help lessen

this pain that’s filling me to overflowing. 

Someone hear my tears at night. 

Someone help me in my plight.

For I fear my life is slowly ebbing away. 

Can’t you see the pain I’m feeling? 

Can’t you help me stop from reeling? 

This cynical child that begs a belie.

Yet they keep on walking faster. 

Leaving me to turn to alabaster

a stone carving of a mournful cry. 

They think my life should all be happy

They think my love is always sappy. 

No one sees the true me. 

No one sees the true me.

They try to ignore my reality

and leave me to suffer alone. 

Someone take this pillow from my face

before I die and am found in a place

that we think of as worse, but

could only be better. 

Until next time, 

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