Poetry Corner: On Diversity

Poetry Corner: On Diversity

In cold times and rain

​​we long for the sun.

On hot summer days 

we yearn for autumn to come. 

If we have curly hair

we want it straight.

With straight hair, 

we curl for hours and risk being late. 

If we are short 

we want to be tall.

If we are fat,

we want to lose weight.

Why can’t we seehow beautiful our differences are? 

If we are black, we want to be lighter. 

If we are white, we long for a tan. 

Why can’t we be happy the way that we are,

and stop turning ourselves all around. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, 

that’s what someone said. 

It’s true, of so true. Diversity is great!

If we all were the same, how boring life would be. 

Our differences are what make us unique

and unique is true beauty. 

Not hairstyle or physique. 

Our different cultures are what make us great.

So share your differences

and let’s celebrate!

Until next time, 

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