Somewhere, so far away

There is a place where

The two of us may love;

But not here, not now. 

Not here in this place full of hate.

​In this world full of lustful desires

Full of sin, impurity, evil, contempt,

Abuse, adultery, sexual pleasures. 

Not now in this time

Of lies, of spite, of mockery

To those things cherished. 

Somewhere there is a place

Where we can love without

Concern of age, race, creed, color.

Where we don’t have to worry about what others think. 

Where popularity, money, and such

Won’t stand in our way. 

Where we’re allowed to be who we are,

See who we are,

Feel who we are,

And nothing will matter but us. 

Somewhere there is a place. 

But it isn’t here,

it isn’t now.