Custom 3D SLA Resin Print

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Have you seen a 3D print that you absolutely love and would like to have on your bookshelf or desk but you don’t own a 3D printer?

We would like to help.

Fill out this form and we will send you a quote for your custom print! Most prints range from $2-$30 (depending on size, complexity, infill, etc.) plus shipping and handling.

3D SLA Resin Print Quote Request

This must be a link to the digital design. We are not far enough in our design skills to create custom designs yet. You can find designs on sites like thingiverse, my mini factory, or something like that.
Select your color preference. If you have an additional preference such as clear or translucent green or red, please mention that in the next section. We may have a delay on order and an increase fee for special order, but we can print in just about any color.
We can only print in one solid color, but there are litterally hundreds of different colors of materials that we can print in. Let us know what color you prefer and in our quote we will send you the variety of materials that come in similar shades to your request. Please keep in mind that there may be an additional price and there will be a delay on order of about 1 week as we wait for the custom color to arrive before we can print.
We need the print measurements in millimeters. We can do up to 120 X 68 X 155 millimeters

We will get a quote to you with different options. If you decide one of those works for you we will send a PayPal invoice to cover the print and shipping.


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