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This promo includes video, images, and keyword analysis.

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to promote your product?

Have you seen these products that suddenly pop up all over youtube and Instagram and it seems like somehow everyone is talking about them for a couple months or more. Have you wondered, “How do I achieve that?” Well, Heidi can help with that.

This product review promo package includes

  • two videos: an unboxing and video review, and
  • 3 instagram images,- One from the unboxing, one of Heidi using the product, and then a third bonus which may be artistically inspired by the product, the season, or whatever strikes Heidi at the time.
  • Keyword analysis and planning to provide up to 30 keywords that will maximize your exposure on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and other platforms when shared.
  • Content shared across all of Heidi’s social media channels at least 30 times over the course of 1 year. (After the initial post on Youtube and Instagram. for example, resharing on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or in a blog post, each counts as one share.) after the year is up, the content will continue to be shared periodically across all social media just as the free posts are done.

Requires at least six weeks’ notice.


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