Hello Lovelies,
I know it has been a hot minute since I’ve provided an update. I wish I could say it was because the summer was spent on many grand adventures or that we found some help for James but the truth is that we have just been subsisting and as the months of no interviews wear on, I have had to accept some painful realities. My transition is not going the way I had planned at the beginning of the year. All my energy has gone into trying to get James well, get his disability sorted, get a new job, and when his disability was denied and the job isn’t coming through and our savings are almost gone, I have begun selling all non-essential items and collectibles while fixing up the house to sell. Alas, that means that I will not be participating in October Frights, an event I have done for years. I  also will not be doing 12 Days of Indies as the big event I planned last year. We will have to see where we are as the months go on but since we are about to lose everything I highly doubt I will even be able to do the book buying I typically do.
I had planned to spin this post about how we are remaining resilient and adapting as needed, how we have a plan and as long as we both keep fighting we will be ok. But I cannot muster the energy to keep battling on all fronts. My priorities have shrunk to sell belongings, fix up house and sell house, take care of James, find new job, and at a distant last place, focusing on my writing career. In the meantime, if you are a fan of spec fic, anime, board games, or vinyl, be sure to check out my storefront the next few months. I also have all my services, my books, and my courses for sale as well. I will try to continue to provide updates as time allows, though I’m not really sure most people even care.

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September 6 question: The IWSG celebrates 12 years today! When did you discover the IWSG, how do you connect, and how has it helped you?

I honestly can’t quite remember when but I know it was before 2016 as I mention Alex Cavanaugh’s Ninja News in my course Maximize Your E-newsletter Masterclass which launched in 2016. I was a long-time lurker and didn’t really have time to engage with the community until 2020. Since then I have tried to participate in the monthly hop but it has been sporadic at best, the longest streak lasting 6 months.  It is tough getting through all 100+ blogs each week and building relationships with everyone but I keep trying as time allows and will continue to do so as time allows in the future.
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Until next time,
Keep writing!

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  1. Meka James

    I hope you find some peace with the family/life issues you’re currently dealing with.

    I’ve been around IWSG since about 2016 and I have yet to make it through all 100+ blogs each month. I try to average at least 5 or 6 day of the hop, and then read others during the rest of the week when I have down time.

    Hope you have a great September.

    • Hangell531

      I’m glad I’m not alone in that struggle! I try mixing it up each month, starting at different points in the list so I might have a chance to meet people and make sure people don’t get neglected. It is quite haphazard, lol.

  2. (((HUGS))) Heidi!! Been there and survived that. I, too, thought everything was golden – books selling, a stay at home writer, kids in school, able to buy a new (to me!) car – then the bottom fell out of publishing (and my marriage) and I thought I’d never sell again. The secret – a good book will always find a home and a very happy reader. And that makes for a happy author. Never, never, never give up. A temporary pause is acceptable to reevaluate. Stay strong and Write On!

    • Hangell531

      Thank you, Nancy, it truly is crazy how writing is like life, it always finds a way. But yes, sometimes we do need to hit pause and deal with the real world before we can get back to our passion projects. Definitely not giving up, but it is frustrating!

  3. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all of this, Heidi. I hope that something promising comes your way ASAP. I’ll be thinking of you!

  4. So sorry to hear of your troubles, Heidi. You are a strong woman and surrounded by those who love you. Including those of us in IWSG. We’re here for you! You and your family are in my prayers. Breathe–and never give up!

  5. I find it difficult to be on line as much as I used to and so my blogging activity has suffered greatly for that. Still I try to make a few visits when I can and post on a regular schedule. I am resigned to life for the present.


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