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Meet the Author with Angela Hausman

Angela Hausman

Hello Lovelies,

I am excited to introduce you to an awesome lady and her super series! The Buried Ladies series is the first fiction written by Angela Hausman since creating a highly acclaimed (by fellow 6th graders, teachers, and family) science fiction series as a teen.

​​ Dr. Angela Hausman was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania and later received undergraduate and MBA degrees from the University of Pittsburgh before completing a Marketing PhD at the University of South Florida. Over her career, she lived in many places and met diverse people, which she filed away to create her plots and characters.

Angela currently lives in Washington, DC, where she works as a marketing consultant and teaches marketing at George Washington and University of Maryland. She writes in her home office, where various dogs and cats block her in until she’s finished the day’s writing quota. Let’s get to know her a bit better. 

Hello, Angela! Welcome to An Angell’s Life of Bookish Goodness. Who is your favorite character in the Buried Ladies Series and why?

I really like Sarah, the CIA agent in my book. Maybe she’s a little like me – or who I wish I were. She’s smart and she’s willing to kick ass and take names. She doesn’t care about the rules if they keep her from getting her job done. I love writing strong female characters because women need more female characters to look up to.

Love it! Strong females are a weakness of mine. Can’t wait to read Buried Ladies series! If your book were made into a movie, who would you cast?

I’d cast someone like Chris Pratt or Channing Tatum as Jacob because they’re hot and I’d get to work closely with them. All things being equal, I prefer to surround myself with hot men. For Sarah, I’d want someone like Rooney Mara from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because she knows how to kick butt.

Ah, I love Rooney Mara! Dessert: cake or pie and why?  

Actually, I like them both – anything sweet for that matter. When I’m writing, I like to have little things I can pop in my mouth. It seems to stimulate my mind. My favorite is M&Ms, but I’d weight 500 lbs if I did that every day. So, I settle for nuts (especially cashews), popcorn, and pretzels. Sometimes, carrot sticks. When I’m really stuck, I’ll sit there and nibble until something comes to me.

Where do you come up with your stories?

My storied come to me, I don’t come up with them in the classical sense. I sit at my laptop and review the last bit I wrote and wait for the next bit. Characters start talking in my head and I write down what they say. When I’m cleaning or walking, whole scenes come to me and I struggle to remember them until I can write them down (I’m not good at carrying a notebook or something with me). Usually before I finish one book, I realize there are too many plot lines and save the rest for the next book.

Ha, ha, I do the same. I carry the notebooks, but I’m always losing them, or (like happened to me yesterday) I will realize I have extra notebooks with me, lol. What is one great lesson you have learned as a writer?

Be humble. Never argue with criticism. Feedback is incredibly important as a writer. If you have folks who are willing to read and give feedback, you’re incredibly lucky. You won’t agree with everything folks say, but be open to looking at your work objectively, through their eyes and see if you can make it better.
Great advice. Thanks so much for joining us, Angela! Are you loving this strong woman and her strong character as much as I am? Learn more from Angela’s Website

Until next time, 

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