Hello my Lovelies!

I have been super busy planning out my 2017 schedule and I am actually really enjoying this experience!


Last year, I worked on Jeff Goins’ Intentional blogging course, and reviewing that has me into this major planning mode. I started researching long term planning for entrepreneurs and started putting together goals for 1, 2 and 5 years, and the goals were great. (I have done things like this before, but have not been able to hit the follow-through which is really frustrating!) Using C. S. Lakin’s tips on Live, Write, Thrive I have been able to develop the most comprehensive plan and work backward from my goals. Incorporating Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever, I have been able to focus on good strong goals for this year, and using The 90 Day Plan, hopefully, I will be able to stay on task! 

Last year, I took Jeanine Blackwell’s “Promotional and Launch Planning Calendar” and tweaked that to apply to my needs as a writer/ publisher. Her methods for planning out your launches on a physical calendar using sticky notes have been absolutely inspiring for me as a tactile person! Plus, I LOVE sticky notes! I do feel a little bit guilty about killing trees, but I am an author so… I will plant extra trees this year. I am excited to combine this with the 90-day plan to increase my productivity!

I have been able to lay out not only my product launch schedule (IE, new books. There will be three this year! You are welcome!) but also plan out my marketing, my content releases, and my other work. It has made everything feel more real, and more achievable.

This year on the blog you will be seeing a lot more book reviews, author interviews, and character spotlights. I will keep doing the Friday poetry as well. As this blog is for you, I would love some input. Do you have any suggestions of what you would like to see added to the blog?

Let me know in the comments below!

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