This post was updated 1/11/2022

Hello Lovelies, 

Happy New Year! For many of you, I know you’re bailing on Resolutions. I’ve already seen all the millions of posts regaling how resolutions don’t matter and it doesn’t work and they just don’t like feeling like failures. I totally appreciate that struggle. But I fully believe that I am able to achieve all that I do because I set New Years Resolutions, goals, and evaluate quarterly while having a beautiful reminder front and center on my desk. I have also found that accountability goes a long way in that as well. After all, we follow what we focus on, right? 
So, I have some fantastic New Year’s Resolutions for you, and some pretty pictures for me to help me stay focused on my dreams. I share these with you so that you can know what to expect from me in the coming year. Here are my resolutions: 


 These are my dreams for this year. They are a tighter focus than my 5-year dreams or my Someday I See Myself As dreams. (Sorry, not sharing those with you. Have to have some mystery!) But they feed those dreams and support those goals. Where I do my nitty-gritty smarter goals are in my quarterly goals designed to achieve those resolutions. Yeah, I have a handy print-up to help me keep that front-of-mind as well. 

Heidi Angell 2022 Q1 Goals

 See how each of those can tie back to my Resolutions? They are Specific, Measurable, Attainable Relevant, Timely, Evaluated, and rewarded. (those that don’t seem to be, do have additional tracker sheets and SCRUM tables to achieve it, but I need an easy to print and hang on my wall thing. So… This reminds me to look at those things.)
 Let me know what you’re New Year’s Resolutions are if you’ve made any.

If you struggle with setting and achieving goals, be sure to check out the Dreammaker Challenge. It is a great 7-day challenge to help you make a focus on your personal development and guides you on how to set your goals. 

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