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Been a minute since I did a book review. Sorry. I’ve been reading, I have just also been very distracted building other content (like my courses, my cooking and keto dieting, my business consultant landing page and sales funnels, some product reviews, and so much more) so I’m a bit behind on my reviews. I actually finished A Thousand Words for Stranger the beginning of June? (I know, I know.)

Anywho, let’s get on to the review


Science Fiction



Sira is on the run. The mysterious Captain Morgan has a starship. But if she goes with him, who will be at risk? Meet the Clan, shadowy figures of unfathomable power. Meet Huido, the lobster-like restauranteur. Meet the Trade Pact Enforcers, who have their own intentions. For events are beginning to unfold that will affect them all.

My Take

I actually picked this up as a recommendation from a female Sci-fi author when I complained that I really struggled to find female sci-fi authors who I could connect with their characters and a lot of male sci-fi authors were horrible about creating heroes with boobs. She assured me that I would love Sira.

And you know, for the most part I do. There were a couple of times where I found myself annoyed and rolling my eyes because she needed to be rescued/ fell in love with her captor/ fell into some other annoying stereotype, but I kept reading and actually found that the author turned those annoying stereotypes and cliches on their heads and created an astounding fictional universe where the patriarchy is still strong yet women have risen above it.

Honestly, looking at where we’ve come in the last 1,000 years as a society and how we treat women, there was a lot about this world that makes me feel that this could be humanity’s future another 1,000 years from now. I definitely want to get the rest of this series as soon as my book budget opens back up.

Yep, I’ve already spent my book budget. *Sigh* but it will totally be worth it!

Want to check out A Thousand Words for Stranger?

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