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As some of you may have seen on social media, about 3 weeks into the keto diet I started having issues with drinking my keto coffee. Nausea, upset stomach, headaches… it was no fun at all. I read that too much MCT oil can cause that so I cut back on the MCT oil. The nausea got a little better but then I was getting bad stomach cramps. The headaches didn’t improve. I tried removing the butter, using heavy whipping cream instead, and several other variations but it didn’t get better. I finally decided to just give up on coffee. I’m really not that invested in coffee. My mom was thrilled and suggested I try a keto breakfast shake. She lives by them!

But I still struggle eating anything of substance within the first 3 hours or so of being awake. Premiere protein shakes only have 160 cal and I needed a minimum of 200 cal to kick my metabolism into gear. I initially tried intermittent fasting but after just a few days I stopped waking up hungry and it has taken me FOREVER to get that hungry feeling back so I was not going to wreck my metabolism.

Hence my new breakfast of choice: A Keto breakfast shake.

Keto Breakfast Shake

This is a simple 3 element recipe:

  • 2 tbs heavy whipping cream
  • 4 oz unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 scoop Gold Standard Whey protein

And you can add 1/2 cup of spinach which only adds 15 calories and 2 carbs. or 1/4 cup of strawberries which adds 10 cal and about 2 carbs, half a lemon gives you 9 cal and 2.5 carbs and lemon and vanilla are so refreshing in the morning! A 1/4 cup of raspberries is 13 calories and 2.9 carbs, 1/4 of a peach is only 12 cal and 3 carbs. It is so versatile and has really hit my fruit cravings in just the right spot. Then blend thoroughly.

And while I use this as a breakfast shake, you could do it at any time of the day. Add a few ice cubes and thicken it up to be more like a milkshake if you miss milkshakes. You could even add some dark unsweetened chocolate and a little bit artificial sweetener to get a real dessert vibe going.

Have you tried a keto milkshake? Let us know in the comments.

What are your favorite ingredients to add to your keto breakfast shake?

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