We here at VoidLife Live welcome a supporting character from Joshua Pantalleresco’s and Lance Buan’s series the Cloud Diver.  He is the personable, the cuddly, the one of a kind zombie mobster you will come to know and love…Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you…Chester!

Interviewer: Welcome to the interview Mr…umm…what’s your last name Chester?

Chester shrugs.: Brains.

Interviewer: You’re last name is brains?

Chester: Brains!

Interviewer: Brains? Is that all you can say?

Chester sighs : brains.

Interviewer: Well fu —

Technical Difficulties.  Please standby.

Interviewer: Let’s try this again. I’m with Chester, and his good friend um…

Adam: Just call me Adam.

Interviewer: Adam…

Adam: …it’s best we don’t know each other’s full names. Pleading the fifth and all that.

Interviewer: I see. Am I interviewing you?

Adam: No. No. Chester is more than capable of providing a compelling interview.

Chester nods : Brains!

Adam: Absolutely Chester.  You are the man for the job.

Interviewer: So…you can understand him?

Adam: Not word for word per se, but when you associate yourself with someone for a long time, you come to understand their subtle quirks. Chester and I, we’re like brothers.  We’ve been through thick and thin together.

Chester: BRAINS!

Adam: Chester, what did I say about speaking in spanish?

Chester: brains.

Interviewer: But he just said…

Adam: Do you understand him?

Interviewer: Well, No, But…

Chester gestures at Adam with just a touch of confusion : Brains?

Adam: I know, you’re excited.  Remember, these people just don’t understand.

Chester sighs : Brains.

Interviewer: Okay then.  Um…Mr. Adam?

Adam: I like that!  Yes?

Interviewer: Should I direct my questions to Mr. Chester and you’ll translate then?

Chester shrugs: brains.

Adam: Absolutely. Amazingly astute Chester.

Chester smiles: Brains.

Interviewer: Okay then…um…Chester? Viewers want to know if you are a nice zombie.

Adam: A nice zombie?

Chester: Brains?

Adam: I am just as confused Chester.  Let the interviewer elaborate.

Interviewer: Well um…good sirs, it’s just that zombies very often in fiction are mindless, merciless killing machines. There isn’t usually much more to them than that.  Chester clearly has intelligence. But we want to know a little more about his personality.

Chester tilts head : Brrrrains?

Adam: No, Chester. They are being genuine. Hmm…I must admit, that this is a perplexing question to us.  We tend to be involved in some of the quieter work for our company.

Chester: Brains.

Adam: So things such as niceness are…quaint for us. But Chester is impressed you recognize his intelligence. He is so much more than an employee of our establishment.


Adam: What did I say about Spanish Chester?

Chester clears throat: Brraaaiinns!

Adam: Much better!

Interview: So not necessarily nice.  So what’s a day in a life of a zombie?

Chester: brains…

Adam: We can’t get into that.  We signed non disclosure agreements.

Interviewer: I see. Hobbies?

Chester: brrrains.

Adam: I didn’t know you did that.

Chester: Brains.

Adam: Well, you do learn something new every day.

Interviewer: What just happened?

Adam: As for myself, I am a full time dad at home.  I keep my little princess occupied.

Interviewer: You have a daughter?

Chester sigh: brains.

Adam: She’s the cutest little thing on the planet.  Not the greatest with pets, but overachieves at everything she does!  I’m so proud of her! Want to see a picture?

Chester: Brainnnnnnns.

Interviewer: I agree with Chester.  We need to move the interview along. I’m sure your daughter is nice…

Adam: My treasure.

Chester: …brains…

Interviewer: Chester is the subject here.  I have two more questions.  Are you um…dead?

Chester: Brains?

Interviewer: You know, zombies are usually…um…how do I delicately put this?  Dead?

Chester: Brains!

Adam: Why did you ask him that?

Interviewer: Isn’t he dead though?

Adam: No!

Chester: …brains…

Adam: There, there buddy.  I got your back on this. Does Chester look dead?

Interviewer: No…

Adam: Then why are you asking such stupid questions?!  Never mind.  This interview is over.  Chester?

Chester: Brainsss?

Adam: Let’s go.  We have our six o’clock appointment.

Chester salutes: Brains!

Both gentlemen leave the booth, leaving us dear viewers unsure of what just happened.  I guess we learned not to assume anything.  Zombies can be like any other person.  Some are nice, and some are not so nice. We need to converse and communicate before we label them all merciless, or undead.  Kindness is the key of moving forward in this world.

We at Voidlife thank Adam and Chester for their time. Maybe it’s best it ended here.  We still don’t know Chester’s hobbies. Or what that six o’clock appointment was, but at the very least, we hope you the viewer have been entertained.

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