Hello Lovelies,

One of my diet staples has always been the ever reliable chicken salad.

Just as the Quick and Easy Keto Breakfast Base is the key to my breakfast success, my chicken salad is the key to my lunch success. It is a busy health-conscious professional’s essential prep move.

I purchase romaine hearts from Costco and either cook up frozen chicken breasts in cubes, or in a pinch I can use canned chicken. I slice up enough romaine to last me about 3 days (it never seems to keep longer than that.) and put down my 2 cup bed of lettuce and add 2 oz of chicken on top.

Then I mix and match whatever goodness I want, based on my meal planning. Say one day is light on veggies for dinner and I have spare carbs, I will add tomatos, a couple slices of carrots, some cabbage, black and green olives, kalamata olives, maybe even some mushrooms.

If I’m low on fat and can spare the protein, I can add in ham, bacon, a diced perfectly boiled egg. If I need to go easy on the protein, I can smother it in cheeses from gouda to cheddar, parmesian, or whatever strikes my fancy.

I can have chicken salad every day for a month and only have the same combination if I really want to. Talk about beautiful bliss!

Do you love or hate salad? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Stay inspired!