Joining IWSG- Craft of Writing Books and What’s New?

IWSG- Craft of Writing and What's new

Hello Lovelies,

Man, it has been a hot minute since I posted anything, hasn’t it? My whole routine of things has been so out of whack and I have been trying to do all the things and getting so overwhelmed.  I have been struggling, for real. How, after being in the writing industry for 12 years, after writing 13 books, and reaching a pinnacle, can I be struggling?

Because no one tells you that even when you achieve “success” that there is a lot to maintaining success. Other writers share their experiences with imposter syndrome all the time, but we all seem to think “Oh, once I hit this magical number (of sales, of books published, or experience, whatever), that feeling will go away.”

The last two years have been rough as I try to republish all my books, re-release all my courses, build my blog back out, and work a day job all while dealing with my health issues.

So my first step to trying to get back on track with the site is to start writing here regularly. Get back to the creative stuff, not just the replicating stuff. But I need some outside help so I’ve joined the Insecure Writer’s Support group.

Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

I’ve been an avid fan of the group for years, but have never been more than a spectator until now.

Each month IWSG members share a post discussing our struggles as writers, network to support one another, and it gives me some outside motivation to keep to a schedule over here on the blog.

This month, we’re sharing the top books we recommend to help with writing craft.

My bible, which sits on my work shelf in view whenever I have questions is The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White.



I probably review this book every couple of months. It isn’t focused on writing fiction but I tend to be a very functional writer and need the reminders from this gem. The tips apply to all forms of written communication from blogging to fiction writing.

Alex J. Cavenaugh recommends Save the Cat, which is another great resource that is geared towards screenwriters but is a fantastic tool on storytelling in general. Check out all the other recommendations on the list. I know I will be buying a lot of books on the craft of writing this month!

One that is on my TBR so will be the first book I buy is Story Trumps Structure: How to Write Unforgettable Fiction by Breaking the Rules by Steven James.


Any that you recommend? Let us know in the comments so we can all grow together!


Until next time,

Keep Writing!



    • OMG, I didn’t even think to see what else he’d written. I got the book in college and just assumed it was written by professors. Lol. Definitely will have to check out some of his other works.

    • I saw that one suggested on another site. As much as I love Save the Cat, I think I will also enjoy this one!

  1. I really like Strunk and White too. I read it in high school, and it’s one I still go back to if I have a question.
    Story Trumps Structure sounds really good. I just love that title. It’s nice when a craft book sets out to break the rules. 🙂

    • Julia, agreed!
      Thank you, I am doing better at the moment. It is degenerative so still not 100%, but I also feel like there is steady room for more improvement too. Slow and steady so as not to re-injure it.

    • Definitely! I’m surprised how few, especially in the blogging and news writing world, are completely unfamiliar with it!

    • I thought so too! Very interested to see if it lives up to the hype. Sometimes these edgier titled development books really don’t. I was very disappointed with Unf*ck Yourself: Get out of your head and into your life by Gary John Bishop. It sounded like it would be a no-nonsense approach to self-help but it was kind of a mish-mash of different commonly discussed self-help approaches that kinda contradicted itself if it was being read by someone completely new to the self-help sphere.

  2. I had a battered copy of Dean Koontz’s HOW TO WRITE BEST SELLING FICTION (now going for $190!!) but two hurricanes and 7 months of homelessness robbed me of most of my library, 7 bookcases of it! Ouch! If you check my blog, my early posts had the ghosts of Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, William Faulkner doing posts on how to write based on their diaries, letters, and university lectures.

    You might enjoy the post where the ghost of William Faulkner teaches me the secret to writing while playing chess in my haunted jazz club:

    Then, I did a series of letters from a struggling witer John Steinbeck to me in 2014. You might find the two posts interesting. Thanks for your comment on my own blog.

    • So sorry to hear about your loss. When we moved across the country for my husband’s job I sold a large part of my collection to help cover the costs of the move. It was devastating but I felt it was better than staying on the east coast without him for 5 months. Almost 7 years later and there are many I haven’t been able to recover. Thanks for the great shares! You are quite an entertaining writer!

  3. Francine Prose’s _Reading Like a Writer_ is very good for advice, and also an absolute pleasure to read. Welcome of IWSG! I also recently joined after lurking for a long time. This is a wonderful group.

    • Awesome! Will definitely check that out. I’m thrilled to join the group. Definitely should’ve done it sooner as everyone has been so welcoming! But glad to do it now!

    • I keep hearing that’s a good one. I enjoyed the Saves the Cat for Screen so I suspect I will enjoy this one too. Picked it up last night!

    • Thank you, we will definitely have to find out about Story Trumps Structure. Glad to be back in the groove!

  4. It sounds like you really have your hands full, but I’m glad you found time to join the IWSG. I’m sorry that you’re having health issues, and send you lots of well wishes. Thanks for the wonderful book recommendations!

    • Thanks for the welcome, Julie! Definitely have my hands full, but so excited for the extra support that this group offers!

  5. Welcome to the IWSG! (Sorry I’m so late in visiting back. Life’s been hectic.) I picked up my copy of The Elements of Style when I first started out writing. It’s amazing how useful those little tips are.

    I hope your health issues abate. Those suck.

    • Thanks for the warm welcome! And no worries, I am still working my way through the list, commenting and sharing everyone’s posts. There are a lot of us! Which is amazing, I love it!

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