I have a delightful Halloween treat for you! Remember when we had Konn Lavery over for an interview? Well he is back to introduce us to one of his more delicious characters. With that, I will let him introduce you to:

Malpherities, the ghostly companion of Krista

​​ Malpherities is a ghoul who crosses between the real world and in Krista’s dreams, in the realm known as Dreadweave Pass. He accompanies her throughout the novel Dream: Part 2 of Mental Damnation, informing her about the do’s and don’ts of the realm-crossing ‘gift’ as he refers to. He shrouds himself in mystery and leaves bitter remarks with everyone she encounters. He proves himself to be more of a nuisance than helpful. Despite his busyness of informing Krista of the horrors of Dreadweave Pass, today we are lucky enough to peg him down to share more about his personality, past and why he is so vague to Krista.

Malpherities, thanks for taking the time to talk with us, care to tell us a bit about yourself?

You caught me with a moment to spare, so let’s chat a bit before I have to return to Krista and her dilemmas at the High Barracks. I am a ghoul, a creature that is born from Death’s Vortex. I am able to enter and leave the afterlife as I please. I have explored many worlds in many realms throughout my lifetime.

Death’s Vortex? That sounds dangerous, what is it?

*chuckles* every mortal says a variation of that. It is an endless spiral of souls moving ever closer to the bliss of the universe.

That’s rather vague… can you tell us more?

​​ That is what it is, it is not my fault you cannot conceptualize it for what it is. What else can I say? Unless you experience the spiral, you do not truly know it for what it is.

Alright, moving on, you mentioned you have explored many worlds and realms in your life, how have you been able to do this?

Unlike mere mortals, I have mastered the ability known as “realm-crossing”. Something that you can train your mind to do with enough practice. Chances are you have heard of meditation, it is very similar to this but you are able to project yourself into another existence with the raw ability of your will. Some mortals referred to this ability as astral projection. For me, it is a way of life, not merely a projection or something you experience in your sleep.

That is an amazing feat to accomplish, did it take you a long time to be able to do this?

I’ve lived many lives with many different beings, this has been thanks to mastering the ability of realm-crossing where I can visit those that cannot be reached through the physical world, bound by distance. I have spent countless decades mastering this ability and have perfected it. Anywhere I wish to go, I can. Anyone I want to see, I will. I suppose I learned this ability while descending into the endless spiral that is Death’s Vortex. I had nothing else to do, so why not meditate on realm-crossing?

On the note of realm crossing, why have you taken such an interest in Krista?

The reptilian girl? She happens to hold the same gift, one that she denies, as do the humans in the High Barracks of Zingalg. I am simply here to guide her through the gift of realm crossing, she can cross into the afterlife by will once she knows how. Currently she does not appreciate her gift of crossing into the realm known as Dreadweave Pass. This isn’t something anyone can do, she should be embracing her ability to see what lies beyond death. That is why I have taken interest in her.

Don’t you think that realm-crossing be rather frightening to a girl?

Yes, it would be traumatizing for anyone who is not familiar with the process. That is why I am here to help guide her. Did I not explain this to you? She will deal with her emotions as she needs to and I will guide her to being self-aware of her realm-crossing abilities.



Self-Aware? She doesn’t know she can cross realms?

I have told her she has this ability but she has not fully grasped this ability. This is a lot of back story that requires too much time for me to share with the likes of you. I’ll make it brief. Krista obtained her realm-crossing gift from a mark of a gatekeeper. Gatekeepers mark the innocent to cross realms and be brought to their master, the Weaver. He claims he needs the blood of the innocent for a ritual that will break the prison that restrains him. This would kill Krista in the process, hence why here I am trying to help her understand the seriousness of her situation.

So you care about Krista’s wellbeing, why? Do you two have a past together?

No, we do not. I’ve been along for far longer than you and have seen the agendas at play in the afterlife with the Heavenly Kingdoms and Hell. Krista is being sucked into something she doesn’t understand, her realm-crossing gift is merely scraping the surface of what she has to deal with. I am merely dealing with the collateral damage of the Weaver and the gods’ ill foresight of their choices.

Gods’ ill foresight, the Weaver’s damage, wait what?

Look, our chat has been a relief from my current affairs with Krista but I must go now. I can sense her wakening from her sleep and I must confront her before she gets herself involved with too many of the unnecessary affairs of the High Barracks of Zingalg. Goodbye.

It would seem that is all we have to share with you today from Malpherities. If you want to find out more from the ghoul or to learn of Krista’s gift, visit the Mental Damnation website .

Or take a peek inside the first book Reality or the second book Dream , both available in ebook and paperback from Amazon.

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