Product Review Video/ Youtube Chat Sponsorship



We all know how much reviews matter.

We also know that video is the hottest content right now.

Heidi combines the two and creates review videos. She does this in a combination of ways. From 1st thought videos when a product/ book creates a strong initial reaction, to analytical reviews about problems in the industry (See the Il Makiage product and marketing review). This is all content Heidi creates automatically for her audience.

You cannot pay her to say what you want her to say. However, you can request a 15-30 second clip from Heidi’s product review that will be added to Youtube, the review blog post, TikTok, and facebook/instagram reels and provided to you to also use on your content as you see fit. See samples here.

She is also open to sponsorships for relevant discussions. Whether this is hosting a round table, or discussing a specific topic for which your product is relevant, you can sponsor her covering the topic and she will mention you and your product in the sponsorship video.


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