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  • Poetry Corner- Faces
  • Nancy E. Miller
  • Bookish Awesomeness this week
  • The Ghoul-Poet
  • Poetry Corner- The Deer
  • Meet the Author with Rhonda Smiley
  • Poetry Corner- Roses Bloom
  • Meet the Author with David Wiley
  • Book Review- Conquest, a LitRPG by Aleric Elios
  • Poetry Corner- La Fleur
  • Meet the Author with Jason J. Nugent
  • Clear Angel Chronicles Cover Update
  • Book review Magnus Chase
  • Book Review Tombs: a Chronicle of Latter-day Times of Earth
  • Meet Serena J. Fleming
  • Meet the author Roy Huff
  • Survivalist Bible Plans
  • Poetry Corner- Tunnels of Deception
  • Meet author Rhonda Lee Carver
  • Book Review-Fire's Love By Alex E. Carey
  • Meet the Author Katy Haye
  • Book Review- Winter Smith Secrets of France by J.S. Strange
  • Poetry Corner Long Distance Love
  • Meet the Author Nichole Giles
  • Free Book Chasing Rabbits
  • Book Review The Great Divorce
  • Poetry Corner: On Diversity
  • Book Review Girl Under Water
  • Meet the Author L.J. Kane
  • Release Announcement Thief of the Night Guild
  • Book review An Unseen Angel
  • Roy Huff Shares Tips from Think Smart Not Hard!
  • Poetry Corner- And I Wait
  • Meet Ellie from Snatch Girl by L.J. Kane
  • Book Review Dyndaer
  • Poetry Corner- Empty Stage
  • Author interview Andrew Mackey
  • Clara Lissing of Clockwork War
  • Book Review: Under a Hunter's Moon
  • Poetry Corner-Empty Field
  • Ndeye Labadens
  • Meet Darren Broderick of Snatch Girl by L.J. Kane
  • Book Review: Maharia
  • Stopping by the Mansion on a Cold and Lonely Evening
  • Character Spotlight Cal of The Last Gatekeeper
  • Book Review War and Pieces
  • Poetry Corner- Cold
  • Book Review: Quality of Mercy by G.L. McDorman
  • Poetry Corner: Depression 2
  • Meet the Author Katrina Shawver
  • Character Spotlights Enchantments
  • Book Review: Ambrosia
  • Poetry Corner: Emptiness
  • Meet the Author with Claire Plaisted
  • Meet the Crew from Harmless by Katherine Dell
  • Book Review New Hope
  • Character Spotlight Biker Babes of Outlaw
  • Rob and Stardom
  • The Hope of the Nation
  • Book Review Coil Hunters
  • Aaron-Michael Hall on Audio Books
  • Poetry Corner- Tunnels of Deception
  • Meet the author with Katherine Dell
  • Meet Jon Braddon of thriller/ horror Snatch Girl
  • Book Review- The Ambassador's Wife by Jake Needham
  • Meet the author With Edward Willett
  • The Golden Mean
  • Book Review- Tales From Our Write Side an Anthology
  • Meet the Author with Konn Lavery
  • Alone
  • Bianca Rowena
  • An Author's Adventure: Visiting Poland and Germany to Retrace Henry’s story
  • The West Woods by Suzy Vadori
  • A vintage camera
  • Poetry Corner- Somewhere
  • Angela Hausman
  • Book Review- Into the Shadows by Marie Jones
  • Help
  • Meet the Author with Kelly Charron
  • Francesco Augustine Bernadone: A Brief History of Our Tomorrows
  • Nancy Christie
  • Aroon M.B. Gibson
  • Poetry Corner- Darling
  • Angelina Singer
  • M&T Review
  • Meet Sondra Hicks
  • Malpherities from Konn Lavery's Mental Damnation
  • Book review: The Colors We Render
  • Meet the author Lucy Palmer
  • Character Spotlight- Gail Carr Johnson
  • Trioplet's Curse Hope's Story
  • Why We Should Read Diverse Books
  • Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
  • Haunted by the Nameless Boy
  • Book Review The 13: Tales of Illusory
  • Book Review: Salt in the Water
  • Book Review: Darker Daze: The Storms Within
  • Book Review Monster Huntress
  • Army of Brass Announcement
  • Book Review Moss and Clay
  • Under The Hunter's Moon Re-release
  • Meet the Author JD Estrada

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  • How to Use World Building When Planning Your Marketing Strategy
  • How Authors Can Use Rafflecopter to Boost Engagement
  • Top Five Writing Tips
  • Crank It Out Detailed Review, and Should Authors Do This?
  • Building an E-newsletter list Part 1 of 5
  • Building an E-newsletter List Part 2 of 5
  • How to Plan a Marketing Schedule
  • Authors Need to Network
  • Top 10 Character Tropes and How to Twist Them
  • How to Hook Your Audience
  • 5 Inexpensive Ways to Skyrocket Book Event Success
  • Exclusive Networking
  • 5 Manuscript Formatting Secrets to Win a Reader's Love
  • 5 tips to win nano
  • Building an E-Newsletter Part 3 of 5: Who to Ask to the Dance
  • Building an E-newsletter List Final Part- Just Because you Built it, Doesn't Mean They'll Come
  • Why My Blood, Sweat, and Tears Are No Longer Free
  • Don't Lose Yourself in Your Writing
  • Twitter Tips
  • The 90 Day Year and Revolutionizing Goal Setting
  • Q2 Check in
  • How to Monetize Your Blog
  • Goal Setting 90 Day Check in
  • How to Manage Contracts Efficiently
  • How to Build Your Monsters
  • Q4 90 day check in
  • 2019 New Year Resolution
  • Create a Social Media Plan for 2019 to Maximize Success
  • PromoRepublic
  • ProWritingAid- A Great Self-editing-tool for Authors
  • Angelol's for Authors author promotion options on An angell's Life of Bookish goodness

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