30 Days of Marketing Challenge

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This is a live 30-day marketing challenge hosted by Heidi Angell.

When it happens, everyone gets together for 30 days to help one another grow and build the habit of marketing every day. Heidi facilitates this with a daily email prompt with education, instruction, and motivation. The group interacts and uplifts one another in Heidi’s Author Anon Facebook Group.

Sign up for the  April 2024 Challenge today!

3 reviews for 30 Days of Marketing Challenge

  1. Hangell531

    “I participated in Heidi’s free 30 days of marketing course. Really helpful advice which gave me the tips I needed to focus properly on my marketing! Thanks Heidi!” Shari Pryer- Facebook Review August 2020

  2. Toi Thomas

    I must admit that I failed my challenge due to no fault on Heidi’s part. I got sick and could not continue. Her challenge is very structured and designed with motivation throughout. It really is a great way to develop the habit of daily marketing. I learned a lot and still use many of the tips I picked up from the challenge.

  3. Amanda Bayley

    Heidi has done such an amazing job organizing this challenge and keeping it updated year after year. I learned so many useful strategies for continuing my marketing and learned how to use many resources she recommends. While I have all of my stuff down atm, I will use Heidi’s methods when I come back! 5 Stars. Wll be doing this again!

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