Hello Lovely Entrepreneurs

I am a big proponent of providing support to entrepreneurs. I know how important it is, as I am also an entrepreneur. My main online persona is geared specifically toward readers, through my blog, An Angell’s Life, where I offer tons of opportunities to help entrepreneurs get additional exposure. There are quite a few ways that you can get in front of my audience of nearly 22,000 followers across all channels. An Angell’s Life has really branched out on our topic matters the last year and we’re accepting guest posts on books, writing tips, marketing tips, recipes, keto, health and wellness, martech, entertainment, video games, travel, DIY, business tips, tech, 3-D printing, affiliate marketing, job hunting, education, personal development and more.  As we are very varied in our interests, it is likely that we will accept a guest post, but we recommend sending us your topic idea and an outline before, just to be sure.

Free Services

Please keep in mind that everything listed under free services is first-come, first-serve, or when I feel like it. I do as much as I want/ feel inspired to do. For example, every physical product sent to me will have an unboxing on Youtube. Beyond that, it is up to me when/ if I feel inspired to do an instagram post (or three. I’ve had some products that I totally fan-girled over and really inspired a lot of creative posts.) If I feel so inspired, I will also share those images on other platforms.

I have had interviews and spotlights pile up as much as six months (especially after big events.) I refuse to post more than one blog post a day. That’s just madness.

I have books (e-book moreso than paperbacks because guilt and I LOVE paperbacks) that have been in my TBR pile for 3 years and some that have been on my TBR Goodreads list for far longer.

But when I share your content, it is likely it will get shared more than once across most of my platforms. As long as the post is evergreen content (not time-sensitive) then I will be happy to add it to my content cycle. I am still re-sharing good content from five years ago. True, it only typically happens once a year, but it does happen. With all that in mind, here are the free options available to you.

DIY Interview

Please fill out the google form and follow all directions. If you do not add your tags properly, I will not chase you down to plug it in and it is less likely that I will share your content repeatedly. Also, please give me images. I like using my fun software tools to create great graphics, but I’m done doing that for free. I will create one image for your post and that is the header that goes with it. That is it. If you have an interview and you do not provide me a headshot you will have a black box. Those who do not follow directions will be less likely to get their content re-shared over and over.

Guest Posts

A lot of great resources for marketing your product come in the form of guest posts on other blogs and book magazines. They are a handy tool for building up your reputation and getting free publicity. The struggle for many entrepreneurs is learning how to do guest posts. We are so used to being in pitch mode that writing a guest post for someone else’s blog is a bit of a struggle. Even after you make the effort to master that skill then many struggle to get in because they don’t have a backlog of relevant articles to show that they have the skill.

Well, here you go. Build that reputation. The first step is to know the audience of that blog by scanning through other popular posts and getting a sense of who the blog is targeting.  Pick a topic and theme that suits that blog and allows you to highlight your own skills.

I am pretty open to ideas and will make this easy for you by providing you the information about my audience: 80% + of my readership are readers. Roughly 58% are male and 42% are female. Fiction books (especially spec fic), self-help, educational content, business support, tech, video games, DIY projects, and board games are popular in my audience.

Some easy guest posts are top ten lists.

Some popular suggestions for An Angells Life:

  • favorite authors
  • books you recommend
  • best games
  • music that inspires you
  • pain points for your customer (and how you can solve it.)
  • white paper analysis
  • something fun and interesting about you/ your business.

Topics we will not accept:

  • gambling
  • violence
  • posts promoting hatred
  • questionable business practices
  • Ponzi schemes
  • poorly cited/ referenced “education” pieces

Email me to suggest a topic, or submit an article for consideration. If you have specific images you would like included, please attach and include an appropriate citation if you do not own the image. (EX: Pixabay Free Download) Do not forget your bio, an author picture, and social media links.

Other Ways I Help Promote Entrepreneurs

I have built my whole online presence around the persona of another rabid geek sharing my geeky joys. If you friend me and invite me to a Facebook event, I will invite followers, if you follow me on Twitter, I will probably share your stuff (especially if it is interesting/ engaging and if you share my stuff first.) I’m a youtuber and instagrammer. Much of this gets looped around to the other sites, which makes it easy to provide a decent amount of promotional support.

I know how important reviews are for businesses. I also know how hard they are to get. There are days that I think “I’m done with all the writing and marketing and running around like a madwoman trying to meet everyone’s needs (AKA being a wife and mom) I just want to PLAY!” with a new DIY project, a new game, new SAAS, or

All my reviews (good and bad, you’ve been warned!) get posted on my blog, Amazon, Google, and if you have other sites you would also like it added to just let me know and I will do my best to add it there as well. (I strongly recommend that if you want a review on these places, you should follow me there as well.) Know that I am constantly talking about products and services I love. When someone on Instagram asks “What was a book that inspired you” I mention 3-5. If someone on Twitter asks for a recommendation of a great SAAS to help with marketing, I am recommending 3-5 and telling why I think they should. If you follow me on these platforms, I can tag you when this happens. It makes it easier for them to link back to you and your product. If we don’t then there is a good chance that someone with a similar product name will get that sale, unless you have mad SEO skills. But why risk that on something as simple as giving me a follow?


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Now, I would suggest that before you message me with a review request, you take a moment and look at the other product reviews I have done. I will review every product sent to me (eventually) and I tend to be a harsh critic.

I almost never give 5-star reviews unless it is a product that I absolutely cannot live without and that could not be improved at all (rare), but I can’t think of a single time I’ve given a 1-star review either. Most products get 3 stars and a really good product gets 4. I occasionally give out 2-star reviews if there are functional issues with a product, but rarely give 1-star review (Reserved for products that are just a dumpster fire with no redeeming qualities).

Still think you want a review? I have a couple of different options for you to consider.

Send Me Your product Links

Send me the link to your product on Amazon or another online retailer and I will add it to my Wishlist and will eventually buy.

I like to support entrepreneurs with a sale but I’m not made of money and the husband keeps me on a strict budget because he knows as much as I joke, I really cannot live off love.

Send Me Your Product

You can send me your product and I will do an unboxing video and review, possibly posting the review on Youtube, post a “reveal” on Facebook Live, post a couple of pictures of the product (ideally in use) on Instagram. I am still working on clever ways to use social media this way to promote other entrepreneurs

Email me to request my address.

Please keep in mind that any and all of the above promotions can and probably will get used periodically in Youtube and Instagram content it will be reshared as part of that.

Happy to Help You Network

Another key element to promotional support is networking. I strongly recommend that you join our Linkedin group Elevating Entrepreneurs I am tied into the entrepreneur community, so if you have a product launch, promotional sale, or some other event and you would like to get the word out, let me know. I will be happy to share your information around with my connections. If I feel that it is a good fit for my readers, I will also include an announcement in my monthly e-newsletter which goes out on the 1st of every month.

Submit a Product Announcement or Sale

Last, but certainly not least, if you have another way that you would like my help, let me know. Whether it be a Thunderclap, additional marketing services, or just need someone to bounce ideas off of, I am here to help.

All of these services are free so long as I have room and time, but if you found them helpful and would like to provide payment you can either join my Patreon or provide a one-time tip in the Tip Jar through PayPal.

Paid Promotional Services

I fully believe that no one should pay for a review. Please bear in mind that the following services are not based around “a paid review”. They are based on specific promotional content provided around a specific time-frame. You do not get approval over said content when it is a review however, you do get to use said content as you see fit. All content will be heavily promoted using well-planned SEO and hashtags and you will be tagged in the social media posts as appropriate.

  • Product Promo– Unboxing, Video Review, 3 instagram images, and content posted across social media 30 times over the course of 1 year. (If the initial engagement is for a specific time frame like a new release/ book sales then 12 of the posts will be done during that time. The rest will have the original post remove the promo information and then be re-shared as evergreen content.) after the year is up, the content will continue to be shared across my social media just as the free posts are done.
  • A Timed Post Promo (interview, spotlight, guest post, sales announcement set for a specific week), 2 unique images besides the header which will be used for re-sharing and re-sized appropriately for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and each size provided to you for your own use ( 10 images total) Content posted across social media 30 times over the course of 1 year. After the year is up, the content will continue to be shared across my social media just as the free posts are done.
  • Review Video- A 15-30 second clip that will be added to Youtube, my blog post, and provided to you to also use on your content as you see fit. See samples here. This one cannot be time-sensitive as I can only make 5 a month. They are great for running promo ads though.
  • Product Trailer – 15-30 seconds that you will need to write the outline for so I can tweak (please, not your synopsis.) The trailer will be added to my Youtube channel, my website as a post, and provided to you to use as you see fit. See Samples Here. This one cannot be time-sensitive as I can only make 5 a month. They are great for running promo ads though.
  • 30 Social Media Posts/ Evergreen Promo Package– You can submit 1 piece of content for Heidi to share over the course of the year on her social media channels. She will create 2 unique images inspired by the content which will be used for re-sharing and re-sized appropriately for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and each size provided to you for your own use ( 10 images total). You will be tagged in each share. This is on a case-by-case basis with site and content approval.

Until next time,

Keep Growing!