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As I mentioned in my post about the perfect boiled eggs, my crew are not a fan of basic boiled eggs. But eggs are such an important part of our health needs so I have gotten creative on how to incorporate them.

My guys absolutely LOVE pickled eggs. I don’t get it, but it was such a common request when I would ask what they’d like me to do with my boiled eggs for them for the week. Unfortunately the lazy method of just sticking the eggs in the empty pickle jar only works a few times before the water is gross (at best) and probably not super sanitary, am I right?

And none of us love pickles nearly as much as they love pickled eggs. So I was left with trying out various pickling recipes. I bought the pickling spices and all the different types of vinegars at varying strengths and stunk my house up and it never quite came out right.

Then I discovered the perfect recipe. It is a blending of both worlds that makes great pickled eggs without having to reuse pickle water too many times and risk some sort of horrific disease.

Simple Pickled Eggs Recipe

What you’ll need:

  • Freshly boiled eggs, enough to fill your container
  • Dill pickle juice
  • pickling spices
  • apple cider vinegar
  • All in one pickling vinegar
  • a freshly cleaned jar for pickling your eggs.
  • a pot to cook your pickling spices and vinegar in.

I am going to give this to you in portions and it will take you a bit of a handle to get the right amount to fit in your container, but as long as you have the proportions right it will taste just fine!

I start with 2 tbs of pickling spices, 1/2 a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and half a cup of pickling vinegar. I put all of this into my pot to “bloom” heating it up to a gentle boil.

As it is heating, I pack my eggs into my jar. You don’t want them so tight that you can’t easily get one out, but if your crew loves them as much as mine do, you want to put in as many as you can.

After it has reached a rolling boil, I will turn the vinegar mixture off and swirl it around to keep the good bits from sticking to the bottom. Then pour the mixture into the jar filling it 3/4 full. I always get a little bit of the leftover pickling spices clinging to the pan so then I will add 1.4 cup of the pickle juice and swirl it around to get the last of it, then add it to the top of the jar. Put the lid on, gently shake to swirl it all together and then refrigerate.

According to little man, these are fine and pickled at 3 days, but bother prefer them after 5 days and assure me that they get better the longer they keep. But we’ve never had them last more than 2 months.

Bonus Tips

I can usually get two rounds of pickling in this juice before needing to replace it.

Again, as this is not properly pickled, I would strongly recommend not using it after 3-6 months or two rounds of pickling, whicever comes first.

You can play with adding different and unique flavors by adding in onions, beets, garlic cloves (a house favorite) carrots, sprigs of bay leaves and more.

20 minutes of prep in the kitchen (or an hour 20, if making eggs from scratch) and then a week of waiting sounds pretty simple to me!

I also have two different containers, so I will make one batch one weekend and then a week or two later I will make a second batch so that one batch is pickling while they are eating the other. Pretty easy, right?

Do you like pickled eggs? Do you have a favorite pickling recipe? Let us know in the comments.

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