For those who missed my Keto Day 0 post, you can check that out here.

I didn’t get any response from anyone on any of my social media about what you wanted included in this weekly report so I’m doing as my husband suggested. “Do it for you. Report what you want to report. Don’t always be worrying about providing everyone else what they want/ need.”

So here goes.

It’s My Birthday

I am 39 today. Despite all the chaos and heartbreak going on around us with riots in the streets, I woke up with a sense of lightness and hope. Feeling driven and ready for action.

First thing, I hopped out of bed and weighed and measured and documented. I’m not sure how I feel about my results.

Week 1 Measurements

Here are the measurements for today compared to last week.

So weight is exactly the same

Neck is down a small smidge

Waist and hips are both up an inch each.

Fitbit steps are weird… oh, that is just for that day. Lol. Yeah, So my Fitbit weekly report comes on Mondays, which would be the easy way to share, but would also make the report a week out. Then I considered using Myfitnesspal, but the export data report has not been working for over a week and of course, it’s not working today.

So as I decide how best to show a fitness report for future posts, here is what you’re stuck with today. I include it because I feel like it is really important.

Here is the report from Fitbit for the week before.

I kinda hate that it doesn’t show all the steps for each day. I’m wondering if I lower my step count goal if it will show it all. I may test that this week.

Fitness for Week 1 of Keto

Monday May 25th- 5,861 steps, 67 minutes of physical activity, 2.71 miles

Tuesday May 26th 9,290 steps, 141 minutes of physical activity, 4.17 miles

Wednesday May 27th- 2252 steps, 12 minutes of activity, 1.04 miles

Thursday May 28th- 10,208 steps, 125 minutes of physical activity, 4.73 miles

Friday May 29th- 7147 steps, 79 minutes of physical activity, 3.3 miles

Saturday May 30th 7,324 steps, 115 minutes of physical activity, 3.39 miles.

Total Weekly figures- 34,758 steps (UP!) 539 active minutes (UP!) 22.05 miles (Up!)

I know the week before was a bit rough because it was that time of the month and was a very painful period so for three days I was barely functional. Still, I have also felt like I had a lot more energy this week.

Food Data

So quick reminder of my Keto Goals

my goal is to stay under 25 grams of carbs, consume 190 grams of fat, stay under 144 grams of protein and aim for between 2100 and 2300 calories.

So from one of the keto calculator that looks like this:

Which means that I am right there at the goals. Which means it should work.

Another fun piece of data, since joining fitbit my resting heart rate has steadily dropped from 76 bpm to 68-70. It has been fluctuating in that range since November. Last week it has been 64-67.

I’m not sure how that relates to my concerns about my cholesterol bit will be talking to my nutritionist about how best to track cholesterol from home.

Thoughts on the Data

I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed that the scale hasn’t moved. I mean, I know it is the first week and patience is required, but 1-2 lbs a week is not unreasonable by all diet and weightloss standards. With increased workouts and starting a new diet I thought there might be at least water weight? IDK.

I was more disappointed by the gains in inches. Looking at the pictures from last week and this week, it really did look like I was smaller? I feel smaller.

But data doesn’t lie.

You will see that I’m a little high on carbs, a little low on fat. That has been my biggest struggle this week. I definitely did not go in as well-thought out as I thought. Yesterday and today has been a bunch of food prep and meal planning to get those numbers just a bit more adjusted.

I miss my veggies, folks. I really do. If I eat Zucchini noodles one more time this week, I might cry. So getting some variation in there while sticking within the keto rules. I will have a really fun recipe for Strawberry Fatbombs up this week along with my thoughts on it.

While there are some positives in the data this week, more energy, lower resting heart rate, there is room for improvement.

So my goals for keto this week:

  1. Add in some HIIT- I think this will help firm up things and make those inches move on the measurements. It is also a great way to boost your metabolic burn. My big concern was that most HIIT moves are geared towards people who are already more fit than me. However, I found a list of HIIT for Beginners, Low Impact videos on Youtube and will start here and see how it goes. I will aim for at least 3 workouts added into my daily walking goals. Next week, I will report back on the videos I did and what I thought of them.
  2. Focus on bringing the fat up and the carbs and protein down. I know it is a minor adjustment, but I would rather be under on carbs and protein and at or over on fat. This will take some diet planning.
  3. Record the positives to add in at the end of the week.
  4. Share any more that I learn from research.

My biggest struggle in life is that I keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting that with enough hard work, commitment, and sticking to the plan that I can force what I want to happen. That is not the way I plan to move forward with life. Nope, I am all about working smarter, not harder.

I am committing to give this a month and see how it goes. But I also need to have a plan for when to cut this loose. So in 30 days if I have not lost at least 10 lbs and 1 inch on waist and hips, I will be prepared to transition to a new plan.

Birthday Wishes for this Year

I know they say that you’re not supposed to tell or it won’t come true, but for me these are more than wishes. They are my goals. So I am setting my intentions.

  1. Lose 100 lbs
  2. Make $75,000 (Whether through Angell Enterprises or getting a job or a combination of the two.) This is only $10,000 more than I made last year and I hope with dedication I can achieve this.
  3. Buy a house. This is contingent on getting on track with goal 2.
  4. Find my way back to the happy balance we were enjoying in September of 2019. Where we had the money and time and energy to do fun activities as a family, to support the youngest in his sports goals, to go on vacation, to explore our passions.

I know that the economy is taking a hit. I know that a lot of people are struggling. I know that I am setting some aggressive goals for the next year and that they may seem selfish with what others are facing.

But they are my goals and this is my life. No one else will fight for my happiness if I don’t. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to achieve these goals. Now to roll up my sleeves, follow the data, and live my dreams!

If you have dreams and you are struggling to hit your goals, then join my weekly Resolutions Community over on Patreon. I do weekly check-ins and the purpose is to support one another on our goals and help each other work smarter, not harder.

Until next time,

Keep being inspired!