Hello Lovelies,

Some of you may remember not that long ago we had Joshua on the blog to share about Cloud Diver. Well, he is back with an exciting new book and delightful new takes on classic characters. Come with us to meet The Cheshire Cat from Alice Zero.

Grin with me, won’t you? I have a question for you. Do you know who I am?

I’m the last hope.

It’s a cruel joke I know. When Alice opened up the box, all the darkness in the world shrouded Wonderland for all eternity until the mantle of the kingdom cracked and scattered across the multiverse. When all that darkness and madness and chaos left, only I remained.

When I saw this broken, shattered girl swallowed in the shadows, I smiled. I had found a new adventure to observe. A new rabbit to devour in the course of the journey.

Alice’s head is an empty space. Well, that’s not quite right. They shrouded her thoughts and mind in darkness. They want her to forget you see. Because as long as she doesn’t remember, more darkness and strife can infect all the worlds out there. I could do something to speed it along, but you see, much like my darling Alice, I too am curious.

What will happen next?

Because with me there is truly no hope. I’m not a hero. I’m more an observer. The mere sight of mayhem and pandemonium makes me stretch out my claws in contentment. I love disorder and disharmony and the universe is all those things. It is sick and confused and is looking for a cure to this madness.

Did the world know who I was?

I whisper here and there, telling Alice things, pushing her, poking her. She still doesn’t remember her name after all this time. I’m tempted to tell her. But would it make my game end all too soon? No. Better she discover that for herself. Because when she learns that she will find that there is more to her.

I almost didn’t believe that about her myself. At first I thought she was nothing more than my plaything. A piece of yarn to roll around with my claws. Or maybe even a mouse to bat around until it’s time to play. A juicy treat waiting for the right time and place to expire.

Then I saw that I wasn’t the only thing she was carrying inside her. The box had nestled itself in her soul. Every once in a while it opened and something comes from that nothing. It filled me with fear and wonder. I’ve not been afraid in such a long time. I thought I knew everything.

I wasn’t the last thing in the box. If I’m not the last hope, who am I?

And who indeed was my host whose head I occupied? Whoever she was, she was not a toy, but rather a puzzle. A game to watch play to its conclusion. No longer a game, but an answer I need to know.

Alice is the wild card of the whole story. She could save the world, or destroy it. If she ever figured out who she was.

Would she?

Perhaps I am mistaken. Perhaps, I understand exactly who I am and what my purpose is. We all need purpose in this life do we not? My own confusion on the things I’ve seen. Perhaps my imagination? I get a front row seat, adding my own little bits of chaos to this fascinating tale.

My brand of mischief keeps the story on tilt. I’m not sure I’ll ever want it to end.  All stories get told at some point. But what I want more than anything is to make sure my mark is felt. My little bits of discord add their own disharmony to whatever symphony is being played. You can’t appreciate light without shadow.

I am the shadow. There has to be a reason I was in there too right? There always is a method to madness.

After all, I know who I am. Don’t I?

I’m your only hope.