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On Facebook Launch Parties

Hello Lovelies, 
How many of you got to attend the launch party for The Hunted? ​​SMLXL It was three days of bookish madness, and parts were absolutely awesome, parts were a little chaotic, and on occasion it was a bit stressful! I think most of the stress was backstage and the attendees mostly had a good time.
But at the end of the event I was left feeling drained and a little disappointed for many reasons (not the least of which probably being that it was the end of a huge book launch push and I definitely need some time to recharge my batteries!) 
We had (according to Facebook, anyway) 42 interested in going, 142 who went, and 1K invited. There were times of frenetic activity and others with nary a peep. It was a lot of emotional ups and downs! 
And I have heard from several authors that they feel that Facebook parties are no longer a good way to meet new readers. That the effort isn’t worth the conversion of new followers, fans, or sales. 
I am still combing through all the figures and trying to figure that out from the data, but you know what is the best data? Hearing right from the readers, YOU! I put together a poll at the end of the event and only got five people’s information (not sure how many were just readers, and how many were readers/ authors.) So I am asking you guys to let me know your thoughts as well. 
Because at the end of the day, I don’t do Facebook parties to stroke my ego as an author. I do them because as a reader I have enjoyed them. But I don’t want to waste time doing events that readers don’t like. The last several Facebook parties I have attended it feels like an author circle-jerk. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading and I know a lot of my author friends do too, so marketing to authors has never seemed like a bad idea to me. But I want to find fun things for regular old readers too. Folks like you 😉 
So I would appreciate you taking five minutes to let authors know your thoughts on Facebook parties. What things do you like to see, what things don’t you like to see? Or would you rather just not attend. Here is the link to the form where you can share your thoughts. 
Until next time, 

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Book Review: Melkorka by Joshua Robertson


Genre: Dark Fantasy

Synopsis: Branimir is a slave to the mighty Highborn. Unwittingly, his masters forge a copper dagger capable of destroying the Ash Tree. Drawn along on the quest to remedy the mistake of his masters, Branimir becomes the most unlikely of heroes in an inimical world of magic and mayhem.

My take: Such a short description for such an awesome book! I am loving this series so far! I cannot wait to read the next book (alas, I must because there is an arc that needs reading 🙁 ) Branimir is the cutest darn character and I kind of adore him! Dorofej is this interesting blending of Yoda, Merlin, and your creepy senile grandfather! Two of the least likely heroes to ever cross your path, yet despite their seemingly incapacity, their moral compass guides the group to stopping an evil created by the seemingly good intentions of the Spearhead of Melkorka and his faithful sidekick Falmagon. 
The Svet are such a unique re-imagining of centaurs. The Vulcari are a creative take on shifters. The Bukavak are deliciously evil. And the Dyndaar Wood… Oh, I can’t give the story away! 
The author weaves a unique world that, while similar in style and fantastical elements to much you will find in fantasy, is delightfully original in terminology and implementation! I have fallen in love with the world he has so intricately woven. The world of Aenar seamlessly envelopes the reader in a fantastical clashing of good and evil, where even the most righteous can be led astray, the most powerful can crumble, and the most humble can save the day!

Take a peek inside!


Eager to read the next three books in this series! 

See my review of Dyndaer and Maharia

Learn more at Goodreads

Until next time, 
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Book Review- The Triplet’s Curse- Hope’s Story by Marsha Black

Trioplet's Curse Hope's Story


YA Urban Fantasy


When the moon is full

High above the Earth

Three daughters shall be born

On their 16th birthday, their destiny will begin

One daughter, born with the knowledge of the future, yet blind of those closest to her

As Hope’s 16th birthday nears, weird things happen. Then on the night of her 16th birthday, she awakens with a scream. An unbelievable nightmare becomes her reality, and she questions her sanity.Bryce, a new guy in town, arrives to help.In order to survive, three must work as one, or all is lost.Will Hope learn to use her ability in time?

My Take:

I received an advanced reader copy for the purpose of review. And man, am I glad I did. This story is the first in a three-part series about three sisters who are cursed. Hope is definitely a character I can relate to. Grade oriented, not really part of the popular crowd, and with no desire to be, she is just a normal teenager struggling with getting along with her sisters, looking forward to getting her license… and having the joy of always being thrust into the spotlight she hates, because she is one of the only sets of triplets ever born in their small Wisconsin town. 

​​Then she meets Bryce. Oh, Bryce. I can’t decide if I like him or not. I mean, he’s ok. At least he’s not the sullen brooding boy that seems to be the hot “it” thing in YA UF of late. But (and I think this is true to his character, as opposed to the bad writing I’ve seen from other authors) Without Hope, he is kind of nothing. I mean, literally, this kid has been raised in a cult society, his sole purpose of existence, to find the triplets from the curse and aid them in training and preparing to battle evil. We get a brief glimpse of this young man who doesn’t really believe in his mission, and kind of isn’t happy with his life, but then the spark happens (No, y’all it is a LITERAL spark, sounds SO cool. I want to see a movie version of this JUST to see the spark, lol) and suddenly he is a born again convert to his cult’s beliefs. Which, is probably a good thing or poor Hope would’ve been screwed. 
But it would’ve been fun to see him maybe buck the system a little bit? I have hopes, thanks to some teasers for the next books, that one of the heroes/ heroines might, though. After all, Fate can only do so much, am I right? 
So, yeah, each book is about one of the sisters, and their coming into their power, as far as I can tell. I loved the baddie in this one, and the way it was revealed. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming, but at the same time, it was a surprise. The author did a great job balancing the reader’s knowledge and expectations. And holy crap, the teaser at the end for the next book!? As soon as it’s available for preorder, I am ordering it! 
If you enjoy stories where the hero is fated to save the world, with a dash of romance, and a splash of snark, then The Triplet’s curse is definitely for you.

Take a Peek Inside A Triplet’s Curse- Hope’s Story

Until next time, 

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Book Review: Man of Cloud 9 by Adam Dreece

Book Review: Man of Cloud 9 by Adam Dreece


High Tech Science Fiction


Genius. Conscience. Consequence.

When Niko Rafaelo was 17 years old, his parents and brother were killed, and he committed himself to two ideas that would shape his future that year. The first would lead him to create a technology that would revolutionize the world. The second would lead to the unravelling of his world.

Set 70 years in the future, where the world has been ravaged by the climate and political unrest, the story centres on Niko and those closest to him. Like an addict, Niko’s unable to stop himself from seeing his vision through, despite the sacrifices and consequences.
“a truly unique voice…will keep readers obsessively turning the pages from the very beginning all the way through to the very end” – Tracy A. Fischer, Readers’ Favorite
“It’s rare to find a hard science fiction novel that is so personal, so intimate. “ – Erin Sneath,
“Adam Dreece continues to surprise, enthrall, and sweep us, his avid readers, along – with his elegant prose and insightful story telling. If you, like I, enjoy the scifi/fantasy genre – you can’t do better than The Man of Cloud 9.” – Rene Auberjonois, Avid Reader, Actor (ST:DS9 Odo)

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Heidi’s Hot Take:

Wow, I absolutely loved this book! Rene Auberjonois was right, this is a unique and insightful story with a fantastic take on the future world grounded in modern technology and very realistic! I absolutely loved following Niko in his visionary ventures dealing with a world that had become afraid of technology and had banned certain lines of development because of their fear. 
Adam Dreece creates a very realistic future dystopia where technology has been halted in many aspects because we grew faster than we were ready, got burned, and were afraid to take further risk. Being the wife and mother of tech heads, I really appreciated Niko’s frustration with “regular people” and his desire to keep his worlds separate. The crazy risks he took because he believed so inexplicably in what he was doing, his single-minded focus, and even in the way that his behaviors alienated him from those around him and put everything at risk, all rang true. 
One of my frustrations with a lot of stories is that the plot is often based on lack of communication (and yeah, it’s realistic, but at the same time the characters don’t demonstrate why they are inefficient) and I find myself yelling at these characters because the problem is so obvious that even they must know that it is their own darn fault and should stop doing that stupid thing. (For example: If Gibbs would just take 2 seconds to explain, instead of expecting everyone to just trust him, we would lose half of NCIS!) 
But in Man of Cloud 9 we understand Niko so well and even though he knows he is creating a lot of his own problems, we actually “get” why he does it. (And no, it isn’t just because he is a techno geek and lacks social skills. It is so much more deliciously complex!) 
This story was so delightful in its depth and focus that I could not wait to give it to my eldest son (the tech head) for Christmas. Dreece expertly weaves a story with multiple layers. The technical struggle is enough to excite any Sci-fi enthusiast, the moral dilemma is a teasing thriller throughout to draw us forward, and the complex relationship struggles are enough for any fan of drama to stay hooked. 
On a side note, I got a glorious tickle when he mentioned “The Yellow Hoods” a couple of times in passing, as this is actually another series that Adam Dreece wrote that falls in the Fantasy realm. I also got a laugh when he mentioned a fellow author friend, Angela B. Chrysler. It was fun seeing how he pulled from his real world and added it into The Man of Cloud 9!
I must mention that the editing did suffer a bit towards the end, but not to the point that the story lost understanding, and not really enough to pull me out of the story. 

Want to see some of my other content around Man of Cloud 9? 

Check out my book unboxing video

and don’t miss a sneak peak into the main character Niko Rafaelo 

Are you intrigued?

Grab your copy of Man of Cloud 9 today. 
Until next time, 
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Book Unboxing: Man of Cloud 9 by Adam Dreece

Book Unboxing: Man of Cloud 9 by Adam Dreece

Hello Lovelies, 
I got another awesome book in the mail! No, really, this one is super awesome because it is a HARDBACK! I can’t even remember the last time I bought a hardback. The feel SOOOOO nice! 
I am devouring Adam’s beautiful book, but here is the fun unboxing to whet your appetite while you wait!
 Oh, one thing I forgot to mention in the unboxing (because I wasn’t entirely sure, and didn’t want to sound like an idiot if I was wrong!) Adam Dreece has a celebrity quote on the back of the book from René Auberjonois, who is none other than Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, how cool is that!?
Anywho, loving the book so far, so keep an eye out for the review coming soon!
Until next time, 
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If you’d like to check out my thoughts, don’t miss my book review. 

I also have a pretty cool character spotlight you might enjoy!

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Book Review: The Girl on the Train By Paula Hawkins

Book Review: The Girl on the Train By Paula Hawkins


I know that they say this is a Thriller, but to me it was more of a Drama. 


 EVERY DAY THE SAME Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning and night. Every day she rattles down the track, flashes past a stretch of cozy suburban homes, and stops at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck. She’s even started to feel like she knows them. Jess and Jason, she calls them. Their life—as she sees it—is perfect. Not unlike the life she recently lost.UNTIL TODAYAnd then she sees something shocking. It’s only a minute until the train moves on, but it’s enough. Now everything’s changed. Unable to keep it to herself, Rachel goes to the police. But is she really as unreliable as they say? Soon she is deeply entangled not only in the investigation but in the lives of everyone involved. Has she done more harm than good?

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Heidi’s Hot Take

I hated this book! Seriously, like unreasonable levels of rage, hated this book. That was my gut reaction, as you can see in this Facebook First Thoughts video I did. I was a little surprised at the level of agitation I had for this book, especially since I managed to read it in just a few days and I haven’t done that in a really long time. So I wanted to give my brain some time to process the feelings I was having before I wrote the review. Who knew it would take me over a week?

Besides everything I said in my First Thoughts video, which still fits, I have been able to pinpoint other issues I had which actually bothered me more as an author than as a reader, but I often have a hard time separating those two.  I was going to try for this review, but then I realized that my reader side plays a huge influence on my writer side. The two are kind of inseparable. So I won’t separate them.

Let’s go into the character development and why it made me so angry. Firstly, as a reader, I love strong female characters. It is what inspired me to be the woman I am today, and it is what inspires my writing. There is not a strong female character in this entire book. And the book is about three women. That is just awful! It is incomprehensible. Some who have read it will argue that each female “becomes strong” in the end, but they don’t. They are trying, I suppose, in a way, but they don’t become strong. They are the example of everything horrible in women, and their “strength” is the other end of the spectrum of what is horrible in women. And that just made me ill.  It bothered me that there was so little distinction between these women. There is something to be argued that this was an intentional stylistic choice as each woman was a duplication and representation of the others. But really, I think it was because of poor editing. No woman is that much like another. Our internal dialogues, our reasoning behind the choices we make, and even our interactions with others are not so carbon copy. It was almost reverse Stepford Wifey creepy for me.  

This is the author’s first book, so I can understand her making that mistake, but for the professional editors of Penguin to miss that? Talk about sloppy. Please tell me I am not the only woman who struggled with this?! 

Another issue I had was with the categorization. This was listed as a thriller. There was a very loose thriller element strung throughout the book in the idea of trying to figure out who the murderer was, but there was soooo much DRAMA that made up the bulk of the book and that drama was all centered around Rachel (the main character) having NO LIFE and needing to insert herself into the murder investigation thereby totally destroying the thriller motif completely. Now, if the book had gone the way I thought it was going, and Rachel had been the murderer, then that would have been a delicious thriller because all this time she was looking for the killer, to find out that she was the one who had done it? That would have been BRILLIANT! But no, it was just more drama in it being Rachel’s ex, who we knew from the beginning was a cretin and not above cheating. I was only surprised because it was the most predictable culprit and that an author would have gone with something so tragically cliche was such a huge disappointment. That should have been something caught by her editors. The predictable ending should have been a dead giveaway that this was a drama, a cautionary tale, not a thriller. Instead, they marketed it as a thriller and really pissed me off. As a drama, it was fine. I don’t really care for them, (because of the predictability) but it works for the genre.

Another thing, so many times I had to go back and re-read sections. Sentence clarity was lacking, character development was lacking, and some sentences just didn’t make sense! I suppose that the editors wrote it off as an “unreliable character” narrative and so it didn’t matter. But it does matter. I should not have to stop a book to re-read a section for clarity. (Unless the author is Steven Hawkin. Then, it’s just because I am not that smart!) Even if the narrator is unreliable and we shouldn’t trust their viewpoint, we should still be able to understand it. We don’t have to agree with it, but we should be able to understand it. 

All the hype, the crazy fast movie deal, the sub-par story, and the content just remind me so much of 50 Shades. Sounds like the movie version is just about as bad, despite a good cast. Why?
At least 50 Shades had the excuse of being self-published. 

Am I so out of touch with the average reader? How did this book become a NY Times Bestseller? Is this why people say that the product doesn’t matter, as long as you market it? 

What were your thoughts on The Girl on the Train? Do you agree with any of my points? Anything you disagree with? Share in the comments below. 

Until next time, 

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Character Spotlight Niko Rafaelo of The Man of Cloud 9

Niko Rafaelo of The Man of Cloud 9

Hello Lovelies,
We have an awesome guest post for our Thoughtful Thursday, in the form of a Character spotlight! I am so excited for this one! let’s get right to it! 
​​Meet Niko Rafaelo – The Man of Cloud 9

No. Not now. It’s a terrible idea. We’ve all heard these at one point in our lives when we put forward an ambition or desire, only to have it shot to pieces. Often the other person has no idea how vulnerable we are in that moment, how soul-crushing that response is. I had this happen many times throughout my life: as a kid with big ideas, as a software developer, and as an aspiring author. There are few things harder to take than finding you can’t escape the orbit you’re in, and that none believe you can. This is at the heart of The Man of Cloud 9’s main character, Niko Rafaelo.MXLLS​​

Niko’s a man possessed by the idea of a new generation of nanobots (a banned technology) and integrating it with the human microbial cloud (the bacteria that surrounds each of us). But in the late 21st century, after 70 years of climate devastation and social unrest, there’s little appetite for big dreams and dangerous ideas. Part Steve Jobs, part Nikola Tesla, Niko throws everything he has at breaking through the wall of no, and see his ultimate vision realized.

People like Niko have a defining moment in their life, where their path forward is seemingly set in stone. For Niko, it happens at age 17 with two life altering events. The first is the death of his parents and brother, and the other? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

The Man of Cloud 9 is available in paperback and eBook, and is available at

AmazonKoboSmashwords and Barnes & Noble

I am eager to read this book! I have been hearing great things about Adam Dreece’s works and it is right up my ally! Are you excited? Let me know and maybe we can do a “club read” together! 

Don’t miss my Book Unboxing or my book review

Until next time, 

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Book Review: Dark One, One for Sorrow by Sydnie Beaupre

 Genre: Paranormal Romance
Synopsis: When Khiara Banning was born, her soul— the purest of all souls— was inextricably intertwined with the outcome of the final battle between good and evil. However, due to her parents’ foolishness she was cursed, cursed to be truly alone; no Guardian, no Soul Mate. But yet, when the fallen angel—Cael—heard whisper of this and from the exact moment he first saw her, he knew with the core of his being that he above all others needed to protect her. Cael begged and pleaded with God to be appointed as her guardian and because He is fair, it was permitted. However, He ruled that if any mistakes were to be made, Cael would instantly be stripped of his title. Years later, the curse evolves in a terrifying new manner that not even God could have predicted. The only entity who knows the key to reversing the effects of her life, no… world changing curse is none other than the Goddess, Morrigan, whose curse tainted Khiara in infancy. She alone has knowledge that could change Khiara’s fate forevermore. Can Cael’s perseverance, love and angelic power surmount SLXLM​​the poisonous evil influences that rise up as the final battle draws nearer? Will Khiara be able to endure the relentless onslaught? Her survival is crucial, as the fate of the world depends on it.

My Take: Canadian authors I have been reading of late sort of have a thing for angels, don’t they? And to be honest, I get it. I have a mild obsession with angels too, and it was much worse when I was teen. I had a huge angel collection, and people joked that I only married my husband so I could become an Angel(l) (because, we aren’t those kind of angels, lol!) 
So I should be loving this story. It is about a girl who is awkward and self aware because she is different. (I can relate). Who falls in love with this amazing boy who she is inexplicably drawn to. (Again, can totally relate.) and then finds out that she isn’t who she thought she was all her life. (I dreamed of this as a kid. What kid doesn’t?) 
And although I did enjoy the book, I am not diving to read the next book in the series. (There is another book, and then a couple that seem to be in the same universe, but not necessarily the same storyline… IDK, it isn’t clear from the descriptions.)What went wrong? Well, I don’t know that it is that there is anything wrong, per se. I have added the other books to my TBR and will read them, eventually, I am sure. I did like the characters, I just didn’t love them. It isn’t as compelling a story as, say, Harry Potter, which I can read over and over and over again. 
One issue I had was that there were a lot of linguistic issues. I am not sure how many were because of the book not having an editor (I saw on the author’s Facebook page that it was getting edited, and I am fairly certain I got the pre-professional editor version.) or if it was because the author placed the story in an area of the country that I am pretty familiar with and the vernacular was off for me. 
The story also wandered a lot. I am not a wanderer. I think it is the main reason that I don’t like books by Nicholas Sparks, or Jodi Piccoult. I know it is why I don’t like Charles Dickens. 
For me, if you spend a couple pages setting up a scene, then those details need to be important to the story. There were times the author did this, and then it wasn’t important to the story. Now, it may end up being important later on in the series, but I didn’t get that far. See, Harry Potter does that too, but the details that are woven in are interesting and exciting. Even though I didn’t see the immediate need, it was fun to read about anyway. When authors do that with everyday things, it is just sort of. “Ok, I get it. Can we please get back to the action and good bits?!” 
It is why I can’t read Tolkien either. I know, so sad. I totally love Hobbit and LOTR, but I grew up reading books about his version of Elves, so I have that framework that people of his era didn’t have. It just felt so unnecessary! 
Anywho, I digress. The overall storyline is exciting and I am definitely intrigued based on the ending, to read the next book. But not as intrigued as I was to read Miyran Heir by Rebecca McCray, which I am currently devouring at a rapid rate ;). 
Do you love angels? Then grab your copy of The Dark One: One for Sorrow on Amazon.

Until next time, 
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Book Review: Realms Unreel by Audrey Auden

Realms Unreel by Audrey Auden

Just a little bit of business, before we get to the review. Firstly, the Facebook party was so much fun! There were several great giveaways, and a few of them are going until the end of March. Go check out all the fun! I also had a great interview with Ama over on her site, which you will enjoy!  We are having so much fun on the tour, and I hope you get a chance to check it all out! 


Cyberpunk Fantasy


Realms Unreel is a young adult cyberpunk fantasy that readers call “the perfect escape!”

Emmie Bridges, the youngest child in a family of inventors, is a talented creator of virtual worlds and a prodigy in the field of augmented reality. When Tomo Yoshimoto, the world’s pre-eminent virtual reality designer, invites her to become his apprentice, Emmie cannot believe her good fortune.

But Emmie’s charmed life begins to unravel after Tomo’s sudden death, and she finds herself adrift in the real and virtual worlds she once loved. When a strange man reaches out to her, offering his help, Emmie discovers that the worlds she thought she knew are not quite what they seem.

Heidi’s Hot Take:

Wow. This book is just awesome! I haven’t really read any cyberpunk before, only watched some cyberpunk anime. I don’t really see how this fits into cyberpunk in that sense, but as I haven’t read cyberpunk, I will take the author’s word that this is. Needless to say, whatever you want to call it, this book was amazing! I loved the world-building both within the book, and the work that the author does. The blending of technology and old religions was refreshingly thrilling. The author’s descriptions of technology were phenomenal. I was surprised that this book was only 356 pages, because it seemed so much more than that. The meaty details, the three different storylines going at the same time, and the delicious development of the plots left me feeling like I had read several books in the series.The only bad thing that I would mention, is that because of all the different elements and the way that the story progressed, I really felt that there were two different books here. And the story still isn’t finished yet. There will be a sequel. This book took me a month to read, which is very uncommon. There are a couple of major climactic points where I think she could have ended book 1, and then created book two. The second part of the book had a very different feel than the first, which also would have been easier to handle if she had made it two books.
But it was a great read. I will definitely read it again when the next book comes out. Yeah, the next book is going on my TBR as well.
If you would like to give Realms Unreel a try, grab it now. It will be the best $4. you spent on an e-book this year!
Until next time, 
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Author Interview: Colleen S. Myers

Author Interview: Colleen S. Myers

Hello lovelies!

We are doing an author interview with Colleen S. Myers who plays many roles. Not only is she a veteran, a mother, and a practicing physician, but she is a writer of science fiction and contemporary romances. Colleen’s dreams include surviving her son’s teenage years, exploring every continent on this planet, except Antarctica, cause that’s way too cold, and winning the Nobel peace prize. Dream BIG! Collen’s debut book Must Remember! just came out the first part of November. Without further ado, let’s meet Colleen!

 How are you?

I am doing really well, Looking forward to Christmas. This is my favorite holiday season, mainly for the sheer glow of goodwill that tends to hang in the air (most of the time, unless you broach Black Friday shopping.)

I hear ya, I love Christmas too! And I never go Black Friday shopping! I am all about decorating on Black Friday! 
What is the current book you are promoting? 

My first book was released 11/2/2015, MUST REMEMBER!  It is the start of the Solum series set on the distant planet of guess what, Solum! Its sequel is slated to be released June 6th, 2016 and the final chapter (for Solum at least) is scheduled for December 2016

How very exciting! I love series. Especially when I don’t have to wait too long for the next book. 

Who is your favorite character in your book and why?  

I am all about the villains. I think the complexity of what made them the way that they are is fascinating. Thus my favorite character in my book is Xade.  The reader will learn a lot more about his motives as the story progresses. 

Juicy villains are the best!

What inspired this book? 

I daydream all the time about what ifs and what could be’s. This just kind of came to me that way. I love romance that is sexy but also makes you think.

If your book were made into a movie, who would you cast? ​​

Charlie Hunnam!  

Well not really, but he is my current man crush (I loves him so). I haven’t really thought about casting per se as of yet, But if you check out my Pinterest page, you can see how I envision the characters.

Charlie is super yummy, but I love your character visuals on your Pinterest page. What a great idea! 

What is your next project?  

I am currently writing the third book in this series and finishing up a contemporary romance novel that is Earth-based and pulls on my experiences in the military with a crippled hero.

Sounds great! I am always working on multiple projects too. Gotta keep that creative juice flowing.

Who is your favorite author? 

Oh, that is like asking me to only eat one potato chip!  I love so many authors. I think that is why writing is so interesting. Yes, we all have genre’s we gravitate towards, but some days I want to read a comedy, others a thriller.  It all depends on my moods. My tastes do tend to run toward fantasy authors though, Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh, Jim Butcher, John Grisham, Thea Harrison. So many good ones out there!

I love meeting authors who are as eclectic in their reading tastes as I am! It was such a joy to have you join our little piece of the blogosphere. 

Here is the teaser for Must Remember!

Nineteen-year-old Elizabeth ‘Beta’ Camden is a survivor.

When the E’mani—those pale alien freaks—destroy Earth with a plague of madness and scoop up the remains, Beta is one of the ‘lucky’ ones. For years, she endures their tortures, experiments and games. Then one day, she manages to escape their ship with her life, and no memory of her time with them.

Stranded on their world, Beta wanders the mountains, looking for a way home. She stumbles onto the Fost—the E’mani’s ancient enemy.  Their war with the E’mani is old and rooted in magic that the Fost once had and the E’mani crave. Magic Beta soon discovers she’s developing along with strange tattoos and disturbing glimpses of her past. The Fost take her in and train her in their ways. As she spends more time with them, she falls in love with their culture and with Marin—he of the hot hands and slit eyes.

But the E’mani took her for a reason and they want her back—dead or alive. If Beta doesn’t remember that reason soon, they’re all going to die.

If this appeals to you, you can purchase Must Remember! on Amazon:

It is also available on Barnes and Nobles Kobo , All Romance/ARE cafe and Champagne books 

You can keep up with Colleen S. Myers on her website 

or on her social media sites:

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram Goodreads 

Have you read Colleen’s book? Would you like to read Must Remember? 

Until next time, 

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