DreamMaker Challenge


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Do you have dreams but are struggling to make them a reality? Well, struggle no more with this extraordinary challenge!

The techniques Heidi Angell teaches are common practices among high achievers. She breaks down each step and provides worksheets to help you plan and execute like a pro.

Welcome to the DreamMaker Challenge

Day 1- we will focus on your vision of the future.

Day 2- is all about evaluating where you are now so you can plan your road map.

Day 3- We learn about SMARTER goals and how to use them to help you get where you want to go.

Day 4- We focus on Annual goals and 5-year plans.

Day 5- Is all about the day-to-day and quarterly planning.

Day 6- Teach you how to be a goal-tracking master!

Day 7- Don’t do it alone!

Who Should Take this Challenge?

Anyone who struggles with achieving their goals.

Whether you want to lose weight or build a business, this challenge will give you the tools, the focus, and the support to make a plan and work the plan so you can have the life that you desire!

Heidi Angell has been achieving goals and living her dreams ever since she was a little girl. These skills helped her become the first of her siblings to graduate college, helped her to successfully launch 3 businesses, to buy a home, to write and publish 13 books, launch 7 courses and 2 challenges, be a top achiever at every job she has ever had, develop her project management skills to help hundreds of entrepreneurs with their own businesses, and helped her continue her education to get her project management professional certification (She takes the test in January.) She goes through this challenge at the same time you do to keep herself on track with her own goals and dreams.

This challenge is held every business quarter.

Join the next challenge on December 17th, 2023.

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