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Holy cow, can you believe I’ve been doing Keto for 2 months already? That means that we’re going to do not only the weekly check-in but also the from the beginning to now check-in. Long post ahead, and while I’m tempted just to do the weekly (I had some great news with the scale this morning) I think that doing the then to now is always important. Because there have been weeks where I gained, weeks where the scale didn’t budge over and over, and there have been other changes that it might not always be easy to see from week to week, but looking at it from a then and now perspective is always important. So let’s get to Keto Day 56.

Keto Day 56- Week 8 Measurements

From May 24th

Last Week

This week

I’m down 2.9 lbs, my neck is down .5 inch, my waist is down .7 inch, my hips are down 1.5 inches. I’m thrilled.

Now let’s look at my 8 week results:

I’m down 10.7 lbs (Which keeps me happily in the 1-2 lbs a week range, so I’m glad.)

My neck is down 1.5 inches total.

My waist is down .7 in- I think this is in part because I’ve been building muscle that had been lost during Covid and not going to the gym.

My hips are down 2.5 inches

Keto Day 56- Week 8 Fitness data

Fitbit is now two weeks behind. or maybe they’ve been two weeks behind this whole time and I just didn’t notice? IDK. Point is, here is the latest Fitbit report

Last Week’s Fitbit data:

This week’s Data

Sunday, July 12th 7,225 steps, 3.34 miles, 25 minutes of activity

Monday, July 13th 7936 steps, 3.65 miles, 49 minutes activity.

Tuesday, July 14th. 11084 steps, 5.02 miles, 118 minutes of activity.

Wednesday, July 15th. 7284 steps 3.33 miles 49 active minutes.

Thursday July 16th. 4,428 steps 2.05 miles 52 active minutes.

Friday July 17th 4857 steps, 2.25 miles, 35 active minutes.

Saturday July 18th 3831 steps, 1.77 miles, 0 active minutes.

Total steps- 46,645 (down 1,383 from last week) Total miles 21.41 (down .64 miles.) Total active minutes is 656 (up 232 from last week.) and total workouts is 6 of 5, down from 7 of 5 last week.

I mean, how do these numbers even make sense when you look at my workouts according to Fitbit:

And in Myfitnesspal, I logged my workout start and end times in notes and came up with 593 just for my workouts. Never mind my getting up and walking every hour-ish for a few minutes and doing HIIT exercises. But that gets ridiculous to log. I am still not sure how to address the wild discrepancies.

So we have to stick to Fitbit data for measuring, from the beginning to now I have:

Increased my steps by 19,400 steps.

Increased my miles by 8.8 miles per week.

Increased my active minutes by 497 minutes

and increased my workouts from 4 out of 5 to 7 out of 5.

So I would definitely say that I have increased my workouts exponentially. I was wondering if the energy level was dying off (Because I’m always exhausted and sore lately) but I realize that it is just because I am pushing myself to grow every week.

Keto Day 56- Week 8 Food Data

Last week’s food data:

This week:

I noted last week that I needed it up my calorie goal and I did! I managed an overall daily goal in the 2300 cal range, which is awesome! Especially as that small increase seemed to help with the weight loss. It’s hard to say, though, as so many things have been coming together.

My averages for carbs and protein are a little high, fat was a little low. But I’m trying to cut myself some slack in meal planning and go more towards 30 carbs than 20. Again, focusing on the percentage more than the hard numbers. I’m also pulling back a bit on fats, treating it more as a lever.

Keto Day 56- Next Steps for Week 9

I ended up with an average of 93 active minutes per day over 7 days and I think this is a sweet spot. My body is totally feeling the extra push towards spending more of that at high intensity than mid intensity. in 8 weeks I have lost 10.71 lbs. That is 1.33 lbs a week average and at that rate, in 52 more weeks, I will lose 69 more lbs. I am right on track and quite happy.

Looking from the previous week’s workout figures where there was a lot of below 100% numbers and more yellow than red, then compariing it to last week’s, I would say that effort paid off. I will aim to do the same next week, however next week will be a bit tricky as I am going to help my sister move in Idaho, little man has Colorguard camp, and we both pushed way too hard this week and are really feeling it today. So our regular workout schedule is kind of up in the air so I haven’t scheduled any swim next week.

I will aim to hit 2400 calories on average per day and see if that helps with muscle growth and kickstarting my metabolism. Hopefully we will see more wins next week.

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